Thursday, 14 February 2013

Magnetised Weaponry

With all the talk of the NZ magnet ban (silly law change), I thought I'd magnetise the sponsoons on my Predator with my left over magnets. A lot easier than I had anticipated and now I can be the odd man out with a Annihilator sporting some Storm Bolters.

Army on show: courtesy of lilloser here

Here's a Dark Elf army I stumbled on which caught my eye. Some superb conversions and ideas for my up coming dark kin I'm going to procure I reckon.

 Mixture of Dark Eldar, Spearmen, Whitelion bits really sets this unit off.

 Morathi on an alternate Pegasus

 Another use for Dire wolves and great as dark riders.

I may use the Manflayers as shades but these are a good alternative.

Board Game of the week: Alhambra

City building game where you collect and build up resources to fund different structures. Structures are of different categories and net you points through the three different scoring phases in the game. Classic German board game and very easy 5 mins to learn and about an 1hr duration for 2-6. Highly recommend this and the whole family will definitely enjoy it.

Rating 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

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