Friday, 30 September 2016

Equinox 2017

Equinox Wargaming

Tournaments will be back 2017...

mid March 2017, Auckland Central.
Warhammer 40k
Fantasy Battle T9A
Age of Sigmar
and more, with details to come....

Read about previous Equinox tournaments:-

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Ogre Blood Bowl team WIP

Have been caught up in the hype of imminent release of the new release of Blood bowl (due around Dec). I have spare Ogres and went about converting them for another team for the hobby.

The starting team of 4 Ogres and a mass of Snotlings (using Gnoblars)

A few Arm repositions and also a fair bit of sculpting with milliput.

 I am quite partial to this as the 5th Ogre. 

 Thats a complete resculpt and it's begun.

Not too bad for a nights work.