Monday, 18 February 2013

NZTC 2013 - Results

First of all a tribute to the NZ Warhammer scene and its camaraderie. Great bunch of guys and good atmosphere to get your hobby on. There's definitely no shady dealings here in our community unlike some malcontent systems. Big thanks to Pete Dunn for organising this and re-inspiring me back into the hobby after my energy levels with the hobby after a busy past year of organising was fading. It was one of the reasons why I didn't make the trip down for this awesome event, but after seeing all the photo's and hearing all the cool stories and moments I think I'll be rocking out an army at a tournament near you real soon. If you're as envious as I am of all the fun that was being had at your local warhammer tournament then you'll get out of the garage and goto your local club get a few games in and support your local and national tournaments, enough said. What are you waiting for...

Tribute to Warhammer, everyone is playing it and it's the most popular system by a long stretch so go to your local club and get a game in. You know you want to!

(Photo's courtesy of various good guys.)

Team NZhammered (Auckland City Guard) - proud of ya guys.

Team O.M.E.N - Wellington's warhammer stallions.

This years finish in true closely contested fashion is...

1st The Von Trapp Family - Pete and the team great work and dominating the scene once again.

2nd The Extraordinary Nerdymen - Proud of the boys on a brilliant result.

3rd. NZhammered / Auckland City Guard - Sweet finish guys and can I book a net list some time :P

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