Monday, 11 February 2013

OTT 2013 tonnes of Pics

 Here's a mass of pictures from the tournament.

CSS Orange swarm of Wood Elves. Often found spraying a hail of sticks at most tournaments near you.

A new comer to the tournament scene. Kelvin Lanes Bretonnians looking very sharp and taking out the best paint. I hope he's booked his ticket for Equinox and if not he definitely should.

 Ryan's picture of chaos. Well done for taking the spoils and the trophy fella!

 Excellent looking Dark Elves from Brian. He's looking for a grudge match first game of Equinox. whose brave enough to accept the challenge?

 Rats, rats more rats! Good looking army Nick.

 The Notorious bus of Vamps and a thousand knights.

Wood Elves could not be more gentleman like. James I hope you're only a few finishing touches away from a epic finished army. They are looking mean.

Liking the new Stompy addition to your army Jeffrey.

Pictures courtesy of Photographer Aaron, many thanks.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Phil ... not good enough yet, I didn't max painting this time round. (I have the slaves out getting teeth painted in as I type this).

    The doomwheel in picture 6 was one failed ward save from his grail knights away from flipping that game vs. Brets from an 11-9 loss to a 12-8 win ><