Sunday, 26 July 2015

Guardsman Trophy (WHFB 8th)

The annual local Club ladder tournament is here again. This year it's 1000pts of Warhammer 8th ed, and its a great test to see if there is anyone still playing WHFB 8th at the Club. So far we have 22 signed up and the first round is 2nd of August. Looks like there might be a few people that are then. Check the facebook event out and let us know if you want to join up here.

Guardsman Trophy 2015

Friday, 24 July 2015

Board games recently

 Here's the Board games that I've been playing recently. I Highly recommend these and they are perfect for the upcoming wintry months.

Euphoria is at the top of the pile. Worker placement that I'll give 4 3/4 stars. 
Reviews are here.

 Game of thrones v2. Save yourself a whole afternoon for this one. 4 Stars.
Reviews are here.

Endeavour is a brilliant NZ designed game of expansion.
Here's a pic from the release in 2009. Anyone recognise Wil & Hagen in the background?
Reviews are here.

Valdora is an Oldie but a goodie. Well suited for the whole family.
Reviews are here.

 Here's the classic 'Friedemann Friese' economy game. 
So popular that we have formed a group that meets every month to play.
Reviews are here.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Past couple of weeks at Club.

 Last couple of weeks has seen 30-50 gamers at each of the 2 Club meets. Some familiar faces and a whole lot of new players. Great chance to bring out those board games over the wintery few months.

Two of the half dozen new Warhammer 8th players at the Club.

 Board gamers are joined by 'Martin Wallace'. 

 Space Orks taking the field.
Elven homelands are defended.
Bloodbowl league in Auckland is approaching the final rounds.
 Armada is picking up momentum.
X-Wing had it's regionals in auckland. 
'Phantom with no Dodge'.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

A.C.G Club Sunday. X-Wing, Warhammer 8th ed & Board Games.

Sunday the 5th of July saw a big bunch of 58 gamers coming to Club for some relaxing games. There were a huge selection of Board games with a large bunch of Warhammer and X-Wing players too.

Pandemic the Board Game. Review here.

Homeland the Board Game. Review here.

Galaxy trucker. Review here.

Wiz War. Review here.

Conquest of Planet Earth. Review here.

With the lead up to regionals we had a practice day for X-Wing.
Hosting 22 players, with a good cross section of beginners and veteran players.

Good amount of bling supplied with the help of local retailers.

We had a good gathering of about a dozen Warhammer 8th ed players. With Warhammer 8th ed well established it looks to be the main Fantasy Battle game going forward. The 16 different army books with in depth back ground provides a great variation for all tastes. 8th edition has tried and tested tournament appeal .With its good game balance and complexity, Warhammer the game is still spectacularly appealing even on the weekend release of Age of Sigmar.

The Goblin horde marches against the Chaos Warrior invasion.

The Caledorian Dragon host routes the Chaos Dwarf strong hold.

Ogres clash against Dwarves on the hills of the Mountains of Mourn.

Spidey attacks!!

Age of Sigmar has released over the weekend and our 
local retailer has it at a superb price Here.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Gaming this weekend - X-Wing, Board games, Multiplayer WHFB & WH40K

So heaps of gaming happening this weekend. Spend your free time if you have it getting some funs at your local club, I know I will be.

With the lead up to Regionals and Nationals I've got our Clubs X-Wing casual tournament to goto. We are full for the tournament at 22 players (gotta leave room for the other gamers :) ). Pop in if you get some free time and check it out Here.

Board games is having a massive hike in popular interest within the local community. We have lots of enthusiasts at our Club and we are starting to get organised and will hold some more big events soon. Sunday sees our regular club meet and we hope to see you there along with our large group of club regulars Here.

So we have some major changes in wargaming coming up. I'll be covering them in a later post this week. This weekend we'll be hosting a few multiplayer games of Table top. We find it much more balanced and excellent fun with a multiplayer environ. The guys who say Apocalypse gaming is cool, they hit it on the nail.

Many thanks to our local retailers who have helped with our tournaments recently.
Go support them as they support you the gamer and the community.

Write up on AoS real soon for you guys interested.