Thursday, 7 February 2013

OTT 2013, Hamilton this weekend.

OTT the tournament to goto in February is on again this year. In fact it's this coming weekend in Hamilton. With a selection of Warhammer, Warmachine and Flames of War it usually attracts a good selection of Auckland travellers and a good base of players from the Waikato. I was lucky enough to go down last year and really enjoyed the nice relaxed atmosphere. This year I unfortunately can't make it due to work commitments but will be following the progress with the help of this new fan-dangle thing the internets so stay tuned over the next few days for regular updates.

Captain warhammer say's horns ftw!

Here is the break down of the armies attending WHFB.

Dark Elves 3
Vampire Counts 3
Chaos Dwarves 2
Ogre Kingdoms 2
Wood Elves 2
Bretonnia 1
Dwarfs 1
Lizardmen 1
Orcs & Goblins 1
Skaven 1
Warriors of Chaos 1

Nice to see that the Dark elves are back out in force again in the north.

First round draw is up.

Table 1 Russell Simister VC
Table 1 Brian Smith DE

Table 2 Kelvin Lane Brt
Table 2 Jared Pullman DE

Table 3 Ryan Simister WoC
Table 3 Aaron Cue CD

Table 4 Wil Hoverd OK
Table 4 Carl Templeton Dw

Table 5 Paul Dalton GRUDGE! OK
Table 5 Richard Barby GRUDGE! CD

Table 6 Rory Finnemore VC
Table 6 James Cardno WE

Table 7 Adam Richards GRUDGE! Liz
Table 7 Nick Irvine GRUDGE! WE

Table 8 Ryan Lister VC
Table 8 Sean Robertson DE

Table 9 Jeffrey Kent O&G
Table 9 Nick Munn Skv

Good luck fellas, looks like its going to be a superb weekend of war gaming.


  1. I'm putting all my money in Adam......

  2. I'm picking the little Waugggghhh that can to podium again, no pressure. Would be great to see the Night Gobbo's to take it to them. Flick us some updates during the weekend if you can too Jeffrey.