Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Club Open Day 2015

Probably the first Open day that I've ever attended. Great vibe and many people through the doors to checkout what the terms Gamers and Gaming means sans electronics. What I saw was a big bunch of ordinary people having a fantastic time over the two days of the Open weekend. It was reflected with total attendance hitting the 110+ mark over the two days. Good mix of people and a huge number of games played over the weekend. Check out the pictures of everyone getting their game on.

If you want to come join us for a game, then the Club is open every Sunday from ~midday till 5.30pm. Please visit the Club's facebook page Here.

Great Saturday morning start as keen gamers kicked off early. 
We had about 12 tables of Board gaming before lunch.

With all the Club's events, you are welcome to bring your games to share.
A quick count of the gathered collection on the first day we got upto 120+ games.

We also had a lot of Tabletop games on offer.
the club's knowledgeable members are friendly and happy to help you get involved.
'Castle Dice' with the 'More Castles', expansion.
 'Catacombs' is a recent released game suitable for all ages.
 The biggest game of Catan I've ever seen.
 'DC Comics - Deck Building'.
 'Eclipse' the Galactic competition of vast interstellar civilisations. 
I've had my first game and it's definitely a recommend from me.
 'Firefly', Great series and translates to a even better Board Game, with all the expansions.
 Kingdom death has finally shipped.
What a stunningly sculpted game and with very cool unusual dynamics.
 Maulifaux is becoming very popular.
As always the tables are beautifully made.
 The Auckland Blood Bowl Federations Grand final was played at Open Day.
Lizardmen faced the colossus that is the Undead team. 
 SAGA a skimish game.

 'Warcraft the Board Game'.
 Warmachine and hordes is picking up momentum at Club.
 Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th ed.
9000pts of Multiplayer massive battle. The only way to play.
 The Ogre tribe marches to war.
 Warriors of Chaos - Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition.
'Five Tribes'.

The Next Club event is in a couple of weeks.
Hope you can join us.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Local Games Club Open Day

A.C.G. Inc Open Day

A.C.G is proud to present our Club Open Day. Come and check out our club venue and the games we play. All day Saturday and Sunday where we will have demonstration games and heaps of room for gaming. Bring yourself and your gaming group and join the fun. 

Saturday: Board Games & Table Top. 10am - 9pm

Sunday: Board Games & Table Top. 10am - 5.30pm

We will have a Bring & Buy table on both days.
You are most welcome to bring your own Board games to share and play at the venue.

7th & 8th Nov, at the 'Rose Park Hotel, Parnell'

Cost: $2 for Board gaming each day 
$5 for Wargaming for the weekend.

Nb: Demonstration tables are limited and priority will be given to Club members.
There is plenty of free parking onsite and off street.