Monday, 24 December 2012

The Year and the Giggles.

It's been a long Hobby year of organising events and helping to run our local Wargaming club. Dealing with a lot of larger than life personalities, it leaves you very little time for your own hobby pursuits. I've managed to get everything done but at the expense of very little table top wargaming time. So brilliant plan, only organise one event next year 'Equinox' in March. Which will be pretty much co-hosted by Nikola of the East Auckland Elites and myself. This should free up some well deserved hobby time so I can get more games rather than having it all go into organising events.

So it's that time for some memorable moments of the year and the giggles.

That High Elf army - Love it when you win some beers backing your type of  army. It's a very similar design of High Elves as I usually play and some will say it's a rather soft army. Ruffled some feathers of a majority of pundits and the army did run over a very good warhammer buddies challenge at the masters (not so good). You should never underestimate a build especially if the general knows what that build can do. The army was there to win 5 games out of the 6. It only won 4 but on it's way it 20-zipped a couple so it proved itself as a good build to take to the Masters setup. It came second so you can't knock that.

Batreps are here and here.

Equinox Convention - I started Equinox a few years back as my way of giving back to the hobby what good times it has given me over the years. The Convention has really taken off and consistently over the last couple of years become one of the largest Warhammer and Wargames tournaments in New Zealand, which is co-hosted by good fella Nikola of the East Ackland Elites. This years tournament had the largest Warhammer Fantasy field and largest tournament attendances in the North Island for some time. The next Equinox convention is in early March 2013  and has already got the making of reaching some large tournament bench marks in numbers for Warhammer 40k & Warhammer Fantasy, three months out from the tournament. I'm very proud to be a part of the Convention and a big thanks to all of the guys who support and attend wargaming events every year. It couldn't of happened without you the Hobbyist.

Equinox 2013 is here and this years Equinox is here.

A New Wargamers Forum - We launched a new forum for the community a couple of months ago. It's mainly aimed at New Zealand wide hobbyists where you can check out Tournaments, goings on around the region and also catch up with a broad range of Wargamers. There's no special system we cater for and all systems are welcome from Warhammer, Warmachine and everything in between. Much like the old City Guard forum but the only slight difference is that it will be part of our club 'Auckland City Guard'. Easy to join up we'd welcome your positive hobby stories. It already is well established and supported by most of our club members and Wagamers New Zealand wide.

Auckland City Guard can be found here

Hobby Giggles - Have been catching some sharp but hilarious reading, hobby related and not at NZ's premium blog. It's run by one of the god fathers of Wargaming and I remember going to one of his events in the very first serious year of tournaments for me. There isn't much he hasn't done or been involved in hobby wise over here. Here's some hilarious excerpts that's kept me entertained this Holiday season on his said blog.

Avert eyes if you're of a sensitive nature.

Phil's Playhammer picture, "I couldn't find a Shaver on holiday". Link here.

Nikola's Playhammer spread, "40k TO's are so sexxxy". Link here.

Charlie - Playhammer profile "It's the pressure of Winning and Authoring". Link here.

Big Merry Xmas and hope you stay tuned in the New year.

Don't forget to Elf yourself for the merry season here.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hero Quest to a good home

I've gone home for xmas and have discovered that I still have two sets of Hero Quest and all the expansions in excellent condition. Real collectors edition of core set Fantasy wargaming. I've decided to let one of the Hero Quests go to someone out there who also appreciates a game released in the golden age of wargaming the 1990's. Give me a yell here or via email and grab a bargain. The other set with the expansions I'll be using to rock out some campaigns early 2013, who ever is keen come out and have a classic reminder of how it all started.

Spent a couple of hours sorting and making sure everything is there. It's still in mint condition which means I treasured this as a kid as every other game I own is not in such good nick.

The box is the only thing showing a bit of wear n tear the game actually still comes with a pad of adventurer stat sheets that's how well kept it is.

Come with all Mint:-

Rules Book
Quest Book
Game board
DM's Screen
35 figures -- 8 Orcs, 6 goblins, 3 Fimirs, 4 Chaos Warriors, 1 sorcerer, 1 Gargoyle, 4 Skeletons, 2 Zombies, 2 mummies, 1 wizard, 1 Barbarian, 1 Elf and 1 Dwarf.

15 Pieces of furniture -- 2 Tables, 1 Throne, 1 Alchemists bench, 3 treasure Chests, 1 Tomb, 1 Altar, 2 Book Cases, 1 Rack, 1 Fireplace, 1 weapons Rack, and 1 Cupboard.

Pad of Character sheets

64 Playing Cards

4 Character boards
2 Normal Dice
4 Special Dice

8 Single markers
2 double markers
6 pit traps
1 stair tile
4 Secret doors

Classic Citadel miniature game.

A full battalion of sets arrayed on the battle board.                     

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dark Angels rumours

I'm not a fan of rumours and am just as content to have the new release stumble on my lap whilst visiting the local hobby store. Currently 40K is really grabbing me so I thought I'd visit the rumour mill to see what's in store for the latest upcoming release which is Dark Angels. Here's what I found floating around the net whilst on hobby exile holidaying for the merry season.

New Vehicles: New variant Landspeeder , the Tempest. New Variant Predator with Plasma. Raven claw air
                       superiority fighter. 

New Characters: Three new characters Belial, Namaan, and Asmodai. All in a new codex and not a WD

Lots of Plasma and new weapons. Dark Angels get a reroll save against gets hot. New special weapons 
                       Dark swords and Dark Claws.

Let's see if these have any merit after GW put gel seals on the pre-release goss wagon. With only a week or so to go before the next big release, I'm actually super excited to see Dark angels and I play High elves, not Dwarves though.

Edit: You ask and you shall receive. More info has come out about the new release, thanks to Faeit 212. You can find it here

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Out and about & New Releases

Holidays have started early this year and I'm already in the Hawkes Bay. For those from Auckland who are a little fuzzy about geography south of the Bombays don't worry I've included a map. This of course means that there will be minimal hobby over the xmas break. In fact with only one piece of luggage on the flight the only thing I have hobby related with me is a laptop. I've been given a contact in Hastings and have been assured there is a club in sunny Hawkes bay, where Nicon will be held next year. Once I get all the family visits out of the way I'll definitely have a look around and I'll post here if I find some thing.  

So that time of the year where everyone is on holiday and making the most of some free time to get in some extra games, I'm a little stranded without an army on hand. That's okay as I've used the time to do some reading around the web. I stumbled on some interesting planned release schedules for GW and one of the more interesting armies due is the High Elf release possibly middle next year.

High elves has always been an elite army fielding small forces on the battlefield and having a tendency to be out numbered often in any engagement. I've played them from 6th edition and they have always seemed a little overpriced for a T3 army with little or no armour save, relying on their speed of attack to even the odds. Even saying that I've always liked their design and Adam Troke definitely got the right feel in terms of design I feel and it has always been one of my favourite WHFB armies. With the introduction of 8th edition and the 'step up' rule there has been a little muddying the waters of the clear cut design of 'the speed of Asuryan'. Hopefully with a new rule set this will be tweaked a little and I'm very interested in seeing what this will be. There's already talks of monstrous cavalry and possibly some more monstrous beasts to add to the menagerie.

Possible releases that interest me next year.

Dark Angels  first quarter
High Elves     second quarter
Eldar             Last half

Just a 3hr drive from Middle Earth (Wellington) is the Twin cities of sunny Hawkes Bay.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Black Hawk down...

A memorable Ridley Scott movie for me. It was a favourite of mine and I owned the DVD 24hrs into its release. I enjoyed the movie for what it was a veritable action packed war movie with gritty imagery and lasting impressions. So no surprise that I was after three of these bad boys.

Why just have one when you can have a whole Squadron!

They've had a hard war of it and have been to the body shop a few times. Big thanks to Aaron for providing them and it was a great hobby afternoon to get them together from bog in the cup board for a few years, to some what fixed ready for paint. From repositioning the Typhoon laucher as it was glued into place wrong. Remodelling the gun rails as it had none (things number 101 what you can do with a skellie warriors bow) and sourcing some heavy bolters from  some old terrain bits. It was actually really fun

 The working parts I got needed some TLC.

Felt the need to also base my Bikes. Made some home made specials for them and I think they don't look too bad. Also after a few goes really like the 2nd Company paint scheme and will keep them for the rest of the force except the Land speeders which will be destined to be Dark angels once the new book is out.

Good chance to get in some free hand on the shoulder pads as well. Painting WH40k really does let you personalise your guys a lot more. Even if it's only a white helmet here or a red for a sargent it adds a real personal touch, I like.

Tactical Squad IV Gaimedes, destined for war and a quick bit of flock.

when the world is bringing 30k, 40k is for me.

Wrap up of 'That High Elf list'.

Had a great read of the tactica that Peter W took to the Masters this year with his High elf army. He also answers some of the harsher questions from his critics. A time not long ago cheesy filth players had to answer for their misdemeanour's. Times have changed and  if you don't take filth you have to answer for using a bit of nouse and anticipating your opposition and using unconventional choice in lore. The synergy in out of the square lists I like and applaud. You can find his High Elf writings on a Skaven blog here.

Board Game of the Week: Mystery of the Abbey.

Cluedo like game where you solve a murder at the Abbey. Good dynamic where you have to deduce from a select number of suspects and via elimination proclaim who you think the killer is. Your investigation can be sped up by visiting various locations on the board that provide you with addition bonuses to tip the balance against your opponents. the best part of the game is it's interactive phase where you can ask whoever is in your location a question. Great with a large pot of tean and bikkies.

3 and a 1/2 stars just, out of 5.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Masters 2012 Batreps: That High Elf Batrep Pt2

Right on cue we have the last instalment of "That High Elf list", phenomena. Thanks to Peter for being so prompt and great that he could take the time to guest on the blog. He's told me that he'll be keen to post his thoughts on the list on Pete Dunn's blog here. in the next couple of days as well so keep an eye out. An High Elf advertising billboard on a Skaven blog, who would've thunk!

What that list came 2nd? – part 2

So I’m sitting roughly in the middle of the field with 27/60 points. Not bad, but not great either!

Game 4 – Empire (Joel)

First couple of turns sees both my chariots taking cannon balls and dying predictably, and in return I kill a cannon and the flying captain and a couple demi-gryphs, also saw a first, Reavers charge through a wood to take out some chaff knights, didn't kill them ran over them but it threw a spanner into his plan.

Joel then Charges my White Lions whilst I had Shield up, This saw a bloody fight ensue, however it was never going to end up well for the knights since the another charge failed to connect with some dragon princes allowing them to slam into the flank on my turn. Reavers were mopping the mages and back field units along with the bolts/magic.

The other (full strength) unit of demi-gryphs, were in between two units of spears, meaning they couldn't advance without exposing a flank to one of them. They finally managed to break out when one unit of spears got distracted. They picked off an eagle and archers, however, died to a ranked unit of spears making a longish charge on the final turn with shield breaking them in combat and running them down. 20-0

Game 5 – Skaven (Locky)

I really don’t like playing Skaven with elves, it’s always asking for trouble. Reavers sacrificed themselves so that a unit of Spears + Lord could take the flank of the Furnace unit, took 4 turns to mow down the plague furnace plus its entourage.

The Abom got within an inch of my dragon princes + BSB on the first turn, seeing this, the BSB and a chariot charged the grey seers unit. Chariot failed so BSB went alone (not good…) and died when some clan rats went into the flank… Grey seer had skitter leaped out. The chariot redeemed itself by charging the new seer unit and sniped him out, with a horse kicking it in chest.

Final turns saw an eagle roosting in watchtower, with the warp lightning cannon staying true to form failing to kill the eagle and then his warlord + bsb decided to try and reclaim the building that they had just left ( Flames of the phoenix hurts so much when in a building). Eagle with only 1 wound remaining (stupid 6 slaves exploding doing 2 wounds in the combat before) and a 5+ ward wasn’t having it, Warlord hit 3 times but failed to wound, BSB fluffed and missed. Guess we will never know if that 5+ ward would have saved the game. Giving me the tower … 17-3

Game 6 – Vampire Counts (Rory)

Well my list actually has a mistake in it. I didn’t take the amulet of light… There wasn’t supposed to be a vampire count army there so I didn’t bother to waste 15 points. This hurt me so badly, I also didn’t roll Flames (which would eat the wraiths), so I was buggered dealing with one unit of Skeletons + Wraiths.

Turn 2 saw my attempt to charge the Knight bus with my lord and white lions on a 7. Promptly failed this meaning a chariot went in by itself. Chariot survived and killed a couple of knights, pinning his knights in place for a turn. However I couldn’t recreate the charge due to the wraith bus.

So on Turn 3 I took my BSB and Lord out of there units + 20 spears into the front of the knight bus. The lord isn’t so bad when it doesn’t have re-rolls, and I did have shield up on the spears and were stubborn along with the BSB due to Anaerion. Killed the champion and we drew combat.

Turn 4 saw that blasted champion come back, because I couldn’t dispel everything (I even burnt my scroll this turn) meaning my lord was stuck fighting that champion once again and him dieing AGAIN. Didn’t matter though, BSB stepped up and attacked the Lord, 3 hits, 3 wounds, 3 failed 5+ armour, 3 failed wards = One dead vampire ** (I lost and lord buggered off, a few inches)

My turn 4 saw my BSB step up again this time killing the other vampire, this BSB is truly god! (Though I don’t think it would of really mattered if I hadn’t of killed this one.) 17-3 to me

** I read somewhere I was going to lose 20-0 if it wasn’t for this happening. This was really not the case at all. I was going down 13-7 or 14-6 (losing a BSB + unit of spears does not equal 20-0). Also even if I didn’t kill the vampire in one round, it wasn’t going to heal back up as it was my turn next, so there was the additional possibility that I would have killed it over 2 rounds. Happening in one round just made it that much more epic.

Anyways that landed me on 81 points, few points short of Tom, who seriously must be congratulated for taking out the field. Well done Tom.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

NZ Masters 2012 pt4 Batreps

We've got a distinguished guest on the blog and current High Elven Masters general Peter Williamson. I know that you are all looking forward to seeing how he handled what has been termed 'that list'.  Here's his first days account of Batreps.

What that list came 2nd? – part 1

Well with all the pre tournament hype, my list had been written off. I had no shot, basically everyone (bar a few) thought it would come last. Even English media thought I would be the kicking ball, (something in the voice of the way he kept stating there are High Elves). Anyways­ I had nothing to lose, everything to gain, the pressure was completely off me.

Game 1 – Daemons of Chaos (Tom)
Tom got to go first and moved up. My first turn was plagued with doing sweet FA. I killed 3 furies total with magic and shooting. Due to this my White Lions are bogged down with Chaff and are till the last turn.
Dragon Princes charge the front of a fiend and crusher, and I bounce hard… was looking to put pressure on the Horrors. Well that went down a treat…
I managed to charge one block blood letters in the flank with spears, a pillow fight ensured, and blood letters refused to fail a leadership test to pop! I lose eventually when a fiend slams in the side. The other block gets charged by a chariot in the flank and spears/lord in the front. Chariot rolls a 1 on impact hits and chariot dies, damn.
We fought for a while and then Papa nurgle finally got around to doing something in game, and slammed into the back of my lord. He rolls 3 hits, I die horribly losing spears and BSB.

Final couple turns see me trying to kill Papa, He survives with 1 wound….Gutting and White Lions killing the herald BSB unit, but when it comes down to finishing the BSB, deciding he is better off alive. Failing to put the remaining wound on him and fleeing and getting run down. Lol…
This game was full of good/bad luck at inappropriate times, meaning my dice were all over the place in this game. Oh well Tom played it well enough to pick up a 16-4.

Game 2 – Warriors of Chaos, (Neil - Pops)
Scary list, but it was Blood and Glory so it meant I could deploy further up than normal. I also got to go first.
Shooting saw me remove 2 of the light unit of cavalry. He moved up and Hell cannons shot, removing 20 odd spears they pass there panic test, and sub sequentially moving to the back of the table.
He left his blood crushers a little too close so the White Lions charged into them killing them outright and overrunning into a Hell Cannon. Feeling the pressure he made a gutsy move to and moved his level 4 into the centre of my army to force a panic test on half my army through Hell Shriek. He unfortunately cast doom and darkness irresistibly thus losing all his dice. Hell Cannon shot off another 20 spearmen meaning I was left with 1 spear and Arch mage, needing a 4 on leadership, needless to say they ran off the board.
The Level 4 ate two bolts to the face! failed a 4+ ward to die. The rest of the game ended with my White Lions taking out the knights, Dragon Princes + BSB killing the other Hell Cannon and foot marauders. People looking at the board thought it looked very close because my army was much depleted however I only lost my Arch mage and its posse. He only had his BSB left cowering behind a forest, which I couldn’t shoot off 20-0

Game 3 – Tomb Kings (Tim)
I made a mistake this game. Not deploying my Arch Mage in the Archers. I picked up 4 dice for flames rolled a double 6, blowing up half a unit of spears and my level 4 dropped down a hole. Arse. This basically allowed his Necro Sphinx to come out and play, to ram in the face of White Lions.
Tim made a small mistake this game in charging my spears with the BSB, with his depleted necro knights ( overrun from an eagle) Allowing my Dragon Princes to charge the Flank of them and pop them in one round. That same Spear unit failed a panic test when Dragon princes fled through them, meaning I lost any chance of sniping his Level 4 off. (Sad Face).
The game was mostly dominated with my Level 4 dropping down a hole, and taking the unit with it (that unit managed to get into his lines too). So I went down 17-3, Tim played it well and apart from losing his knights, he did well to pull out the big win.

Day 2 to come.

NZ Masters 2012 Pt3 Results

So another year ends with a thrilling finish at the masters. Some top games saw the old powers in WHFB coming back to dominate and one army to confuse them all doing very well. Amongst the field there were three previous Masters winners competing with Ray, Pete and Antony all packing alot of caps and experience against the young guns of the field. Pre-tournament I had already included two of these three stalwarts to podium with only the little favoured Beastmen not making my picks. It was to be proved that Bretonnians just weren't cut to be culinary gouda this edition either. Congrats to Tom for his first Masters title.

Having a talk with day one dominating Vampire general Rory last night about his games the unusual High Elf list is still not rated. It's good reassuring words for all High Elf generals out there that no longer are the Asur over powered like I've been harangued by so many critics over the years they are only deserving of success if played by a competent general. Some thing that is very encouraging to build my interest back in running the army. There's already post tournament spin at the Bad dice pocast and if you visit episode 141 you'll also see that Peter W's High Elves is the talk of the town at the moment. Hopefully we'll have some batreps and a few words from him to follow in the next few days. I think most Elven generals saw what his list was capable of and I'll be enjoying quite a few complimentary beers from wide sources backing his list. He does have to let me know what happened against the Daemons as they are the perfect matchup for High Elves.


Charlie St Clair continues to dominate the 40k scene in NZ reclaiming the Masters title this year. Big ups to Daniel and having looked at his list for masters he really got the meta right for a good solid second place. Who can go past Ivan's french bakery for sheer flyer spam. WE'll see if we can get some batreps from the guys later in the week too.


Running alongside our event was also the Australian Masters. Congrats to Chris and also an Auckland City Guard old boy Simon for taking out 3rd with his first soft score surf. How was the ride Simon and good stuff guys.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

NZ Masters 2012 Pt 2

So end of day one we have the third rounds results.

Round 3

Rory 20       vs Joel 0
Tom 19        vs Sam 1
Antony 17    vs Neil 3
Tim 17         vs Peter 3
Locky 17     vs Ray 3
Peter 16       vs Mike 4

Absolute thumping scores at the Masters this year, which I had expected would be a lot closer. My favourite and wild card for the tournament the High Elves coming back with a strong 16-4. Everyone has rated the High Elf army as a bottom of the table list. I think it was designed beautifully for the match ups it was going up against, lets see how it fairs with it's worst match up tomorrow against the shooty Tomb Kings.

As expected the Tomb Kings did a number on the High Elves as T3 is just not tough against that much shooting. I've been out and about so haven't had time to update much but I do have the Final standings going into the championship final round. I'll leave the results for the tournament organisers to post but here is the Round 5 standings and Matchups going into the 6th and final round.

Tom D     72
Rory F     68
Peter W   64  High Elves
Peter D    59 
Tim J       59
Ant K      50
Ray D      49
Mike K    45
Locky R   44
Sam W     37
Joel V       31
Neil          22  

Match ups

These three matches will decide the title.

Bretonnians  vs Daemons
High Elves    vs Vampires
Skaven         vs Beastmen

Tightly packed but not enough to get near the podiums

Empire         vs O&G
Skaven         vs Warriors
Lizards         vs Tomb Kings    

Potentially the top 5 still have a chance to take it out. I'll be catching all the batreps that are bound to be around from the contestants all week and will post them up if I get the chance.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

NZ Masters 2012 Live

Straight from the Wellywood stadium we have the Latest on NZ Masters Action. (I'm not actually there but by the power of the internets here's the coverage)

First round

Mike Lizards 18     vs Ant Brets 2
Rory Vampires16   vs Ray Beasts 4
Tim Tomb Kings16 vs Neil Warriors 4
Tom Daemons   16 vs Peter High Elves 4
Joel Empire 15       vs  Locky Skaven 5
Pete Skaven14       vs Sam  O&G 6

Highlights. Brets find out Slaans don't break. Beasts Lvl 4 runs off in Turn 1. Tomb King shooting gallery works on high armour as well, shock. High Elves can lose to Daemons, omg. Chocobo's snack on rats. Old rat keeps on trucking.

Second round

Peter W High Elves 20 V Neil 0 Warriors
Rory Vampires 20       V Mike 0 Lizards
Tim Tomb Kings 14    V Tom 6 Daemons
Joel Empire 16            V Pete 4 Skaven
Sam O&G 16             V Locky 4 Skaven
Ray Beasts 14            V Ant 6 Brets

15 Whitelions enough to chop through 3 BloodCrushers, 5 Knights and a Lvl 4. Yes that Vampire will make your Slaan run. Shooting gallery overcomes Daemon saves as well! Empire does a doozie on the the second Rat army, Chocobooooo's!! Tin Cans having a sorry run, need to look at retirement sooooon ;)

Reports of copious Rats being consumed by Chokoboos in the Wellington region.

Will have the final round of the day up soon so tune back if ya into this kinda stuff...