Tuesday, 15 October 2013

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

GuardCon 2013 Results

Another Guardcon has been won and played. This year we tried another venue in Maurewa which was received very well by all the competitors. It was large and spacious and will offer a Marai next time we use it. Which should be a good selling point as it will be free accommodation for all competitors.

Congratulations to all who attended and a big shout out to all the people who helped to make it happen and run so smoothly. With four systems on display it was a good gathering of the wargaming community.

Warhammer Fantasy Results:

PlacingPlayerBattle raw (120)Battle final (60)Sports raw (12/18)Sports final (18)Paint raw (16)Paint final (22)Total (100)
1 Finnemore9748.51414162284.5
2A Kitson8743.513131419.2575.75
3J Cardno70351717162274
4J Brown7537.514141520.62572.125
5Phil Wu683417171520.62571.625
6K Gragg6733.51515162270.5
7G Tibbles6532.51515162269.5
8B Smith7336.515151317.87569.375
9P Dalton6130.51616162268.5
10Paul Clarke683416161317.87567.875
11Nick Munn743715151013.7565.75
12S Hastings5929.515151317.87562.375
13D Williams46231515162260
14Dan Leigh5125.514141419.2558.75
15I Nannesta4723.516161216.556
16Chris Ellis502515151115.12555.125
18B Grindrod20101717162249
19S Gillan3517.515151115.12547.625
20N Heileman4221151568.2544.25

Best Painted: Bobby Grindrod
Best Sport : James Cardno

Warhammer 40K

1 Nikola Jaksic
2 Mark Buttle
3 Ivan Soo
4 Steve Davis
5 Pascal Roggen
6 David Hillier
7 Doug Sainsbury
8 Daniel Hayden
9 Scott Birrell
10 James Davison
11 Tu Tamase
12 Simon Dennerly
13 Kyle Wilson
14 Chris Ward
15 Stan Van Der Ham
16 Mathew Lenton
17 Kieran Justice
18 Izzy O'day
19 Joshua Gillander
20 Daniel Duncan

Best Sport: Nikola Jaksic
Best Painterd: Chris Ward

Lord of the Rings:
  1. James
  2. Dory
  3. Dean
  4. Saul
  5.  = Elliot / Shane L.
  6. Mikey
  7. Shane P.
  8. Nick
  9. Andrew
  10. Javan
  11. Corey 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

GuardCon Photo's : Results to follow

Here are some of the snipet's from GuardCon. Everyone seemed like they were having some good fun.

Thank you for everyone who came along for a awesome tournament. We'll be back for sure Manurewa!

I'll have the results for all the tournaments once the TO's send them my way so keeo an eye out. Of course there will be heaps of Photo's to come soon too.

Friday, 20 September 2013

The night before a tournament.

Haven't been so relaxed before a tournament in a while. Everything done and dusted and the venue is all set for the TO's tomorrow to do their setup. Us lackys banged out the setup just like that. Thanks to the crew.

My elves for the slaughter tomorrow or not : D

Supplying eight tables of terrain and this is what it looks like. Banana hills, Banana swamps and Banana forrests yo (we is gonna be in Manurewa)!

You can have a look at all the lists coming via the link Here

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hot New Dice

Support the tournament scene and grab some hot dice. In translucent Royal Blue and with the icon replacing the six. It's guaranteed to roll your opponent over every time*. Available with a matching convenient dice bag.

Give Derick a bell for your orders using the email below. He's happy to post them to you hot off the press!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

GuardCon 2013 Players & Mission Packs

Guardcon 2013 is just around the corner next weekend. There are still about a dozen places left if you are wanting to join the boys at the tournament.

When: 21st & 22nd of September
Where: James Cook High School.


The Warhammer Fantasy Pack is Here.

The Warhammer 40K Pack is Here.

The Warhammer 40K Mission Pack is Here.

Other tournaments on at the venue will be LOTR GT, Flames of War & Board Gaming.

Got sent a Photo from a Keen Hobbyist trying to decide what to bring to GuardCon. I say bring the lot!

 Cheers Frank, they are looking sweet!!!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Warriors WIP & NZ ATC brings it Home

Pocket change cars ready for paint and should be tournament ready in no time. Yup that green wheel is the less than $2 addition and I don't think it looks too bad.

Dual cars for the Warriors army.

The NZ ATC 40K team brought home the bacon big time. Defending their title the boys proved that NZ 40k is the business for another year. ATC is the Australian teams Championships.

Standing Team  Round Pts  Game Pts
1st        - NZ       - 8              - 470
2nd       - VIC     - 8              - 462
3rd       - NSW   - 5              - 405
4th        - QLD    - 4              - 398
5th        - WA     - 3              - 354
6th        - SA       - 2              - 311

Spot their moniker's.

Baguette sandwich!
Photo's curtesy of the tournament photobucket.

Got some special delivery resin recently and they are minty fresh! Only problem is that the Lanraider doors were mispackaged and are the smaller MK2B ones. Not to worry their customer service is top notch and I've been told that the right doors are winging their way to me now.

They are pretty nice and go especially well with the new Codex.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hobbying it out this week.

Got in some practice to narrow out which army I am going to bring for GuardCon. Need a 3rd tourney result to have a slim chance of getting to the masters. Brought out the Elves to hitout against Warriors. Played against the current defending Guardsman Champ and he had a army full of eye candy.

Chariot held up my most expensive unit and choppy character for 3 full turns. Elves get smashed... 

We've got a large Board Gaming group started alongisde the table top wargaming at the club so there's heaps of variety every week.
Makes for a pleasant but difficult decision on what to play each Sunday meet.

Oh yeah its the new Descent 2 game!

GuardCon 2013 is in two weeks time and I thought I'd better finish work on my Gorebeasty. It's a project that I've put off for ages as I couldn't find any wheels literally. Found a couple spare minutes so here's my recent effort. I know I have a million unfinished wip's but my blog is like my geek diary of DIY.

Some leftover bits from the chariot kit and useful board.

Chariot and beasty in need of wheels.

 Omg is that a $2 pile of toys with lotsa wheels = happy hobbyist. 
For all those too elitist who don't like me using cheap wheels, old skool tough titties :P
I'll post more up when I have it.

I can't help but tackle even more projects so here's a tank I made outta my Fly buys card (cheap plasticard lols) and tank bits. Not like I don't have painting to do just before a tournament.

 Needs more work but looks pretty cool for a flybuys card conversion :)

Here are some new games I've been told about and am sure to get.

New Drop Zone Commander two player set is just what I need at a price point for me to have a go at. You get real bang for your buck with a packed box o mini's.

New Kick Starter has some awesome mini's, recommended by a mate meatynosebleeds. Here

Happy Hobby Holidays all!!