Saturday, 21 June 2014

Badass Orks & Blood bowl redemption

Some Ork mad as conversions I've seen with the fever before the new Ork book release. Warhammer and Warhammer 40K is still buzzing strong in the community. The tournament numbers still are High at all the recognised tournaments that are part of the Auckland City Guard club. Why shouldn't it be so. Reader if you haven't come out to get your game on you should. It's still the most popular hobby system out there by far with 5 to 10 times the numbers of players than any other system.

Made of 3 Dakka Jets. Can't wait to see the completed Supersonic!

Got my League match in today and it was a humm dinger! My team has been sitting bottom of the table not because of potential but the sheer amount of 1's I can roll repetitively. Today's mass of 1's was no different but unfortunately for my opponent the last play of the game I didn't roll any 1's. So we go to the picture below. A fumble from the opposition sees the Elf thrower zoom onto the ball. Running up the field he sees the Catcher a full half field ahead. A spiralling bomb connects and fresh boots zags in for the winning touch down! 3/4 of the field final turn play, touch down win. That's why this game has its fabulous moments.

Some more peaks at the new Orks.

Ork Alphabet 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tin Soldier - 19th & 20th July.

I have my two gribblies all ready for this edition of Tin Soldier here in Auckland in July.

The WHFB side of the tourney is "MonsterCon". As the name suggests its all about bringing out the big gribblies.

The WH40K of the tournament is run by Mark Buttle. He's put heaps of effort in and the tournament looks sweet so if you are a 40ker, get on to it guys.

In the mean time here's the gribblies

Thundertusk on da cheap finished. Total cost $4!

Stone Horning it.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Looted Wagon & Sneak peak at new Orks

Confirmed that the New Ork Codex is out from this weekend's White Dwarf.
Here's some pic's I found around the nets (advance look). This should send WWaaagghhss shooting around the Galaxy.

Props and thanks to the various sites I've gathered this from.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Couple of Board Games & Wargaming on the cheap.

Stumbled on some very cool, what I call filler games just recently. These are those quick (under an hour) games that just fill the gap when you finish the main course. Also wouldn't go a miss for the main fair.


Fun betting and intuition game. Bet on races from the 3 out of 4 available barges. Also invest in shares and win big or lose big to stay in the game. We had a range of ages at our table for this game and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Very broad base of appeal gives this fun family based game a 3.5 outta 5 stars.


An almost too simple but effective strategy game. Build your village on a volcanic strewn island slowly revealed by 3 joined hexagonal tiles. As your island erupts to form higher layers you can place down temples and towers all the while aiming some distressing lava flows towards your opposition. I got slaughtered at this but appreciated the complexity hidden within. Highly recommend this one.

Fun filled reality of living amongst a chain of Volcanoes in Auckland reveals a morbid sense of fun for this gamer. 4 outta 5 stars.

Wargaming on the Cheap recently:

GW have been generously releasing dual kits and who am I to argue but to take advantage. It encourages my hobby which is my zen like stress retreat. I really enjoy building and sculpting my own Miniatures. It's really rewarding and from one Chariot kit I managed to get 3 and completing my fourth (with some help for bits from friends. Cheers Rich, Glen and Dan). That makes it a 75% saving that does. So here's what I've been working on. Included in this is my perhaps addition to my menagerie for up coming MonsterCon.

Hordo chariot of doom on da cheap.

 Got to test out more greenstuffing on my new Thundertusk. I used the spare bits that came with the Stone horn. The spare bits was attached to a $2 bear toy I got from the local 2 Cheap store. Green stuffing fur isn't as hard as you think. I will be going thru about 1/10th of a double tube of green stuff. Still equals Cheap Thundertusk. Estimated cost $2bear + $2 Green Stuff. thats a $4 Monster yo!

 Finished on the cheap Repeater Bolt thrower. Made all from the bitz box n looking the part.

Happy times fellow Hobbyists.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Tin Soldier - Next Tournament on the Calendar

The next big tournament up here in Auckland is 'Tin Soldier'. Warhammer 40K & Warhammer Fantasy and you better get in touch with the T.O's if you want a place. It's on mid July and should be mountains of fun! Visit the tournament thread Here.

Here's my new beasty that will be accompanying my tricked out twin phoenixes.
There's an expected strong robot presence too.

Club Day over the weekend.

Some of my WIP

 My custom on the cheap 10th 'Repeater Bolt Thrower', taking shape. Watch out it's here to take names!
 Another Gore Beast Chariot on the cheap. After a Whip from the TK sprues to complete.
So if you have one hanging around, gives us yell. Much appreciated.
Found this beauty home made hill. Production line will be implemented this weekend.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Weekend: Board Games

Not your standard game of Monopoly or Pictionary. Strategy Board Gaming has hit the scene big lately. We usually have upwards of 50+ different games at our weekly Club meet in Freemans Bay and they are designed to intrigue. I've been playing them regularly and heres a couple that's hit the fancy button recently.

Euphoria: Build a better Dystopia

Current favourite game and the king of all worker placement themes. Workers are represented by Dice (D6) and their totals affects the game play. Whether collecting resources or commodities this game is fast paced and complex enough to make incredibly replayable. It seems a very complex game but if you break it down it's a easy transition from your very first game.

The mixture of allies and goals to fast track your winning position is very enjoyable. This was a Kick Starter game and I totally missed it, oophs. For those of us who also missed it, have no fear it's in the shops now for ~$100NZ. Plays up to five and I have to give this a thorough guaranteed very enjoyable..

Lots of high quality components 

Just some of the allies you can gain
My current all time favourite: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Firefly the Board Game.

If you have watched the TV series and/or the Movie, then this will be on the top of your go get list. Even if you haven't this is a surprisingly enjoyable jaunt into a fun night of Board gaming. Published by GF9 a NZ company no less. It's a resource gathering game with multiple selectable missions. You'll find all of the characters from the show and more. Gf9 has put a lot of detail into this release and it doesn't disappoint. You get good quality components and a stack of well made accessories. 

Highly playable and well worth the reasonable price. You can take on a variety of Characters to be your Captain and hire a company of like minds to trade, maraud, heist and haul around the galaxy. Misbehaving is the means and more often than not credits is the goal.

Huge game board but easy dynamics and easy to play.
New Expansion offers 2 new Ships and a host of new dynamics.

 Very replayable with a tonne of characters and missions. 4 out of 5 stars.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Club day Queenie's B'day - Testing out 40K 7th - WIP - SouthCon & NiCon

Long weekend here in Auck's but we managed to get some gaming in on club day. There were also two tournaments held around the country with NiCon in Tauranga and SouthCon in Dunedin. Some of the results will follow.

About 35-40 people this Club day and I saw Descent 2, Viticulture, Acquire, Go, Bloodbowl, Epic, WHFB, WH40K, and a few more games going during the day. WH40K 7th is looking to be a cool game from what I've seen. All those Trolls with no idea about Warhammer (or ancient knowledge) must be looking like idiots with their pre-emptive vitriol about 3 white dwarf pages to judge a new release. WH40K 7th looks like a well packaged beast easily adjusted for tournaments and great for roll up games too. My suggestions is go get the Objective pack of cards to add even more to the fun.

Okay enough plugging peww peww. We've been getting alot of 1000pt games to fast track some of the new players into WHFB. They have been excellent fun games especially when you do versus with 3 people or doubles. We're meeting on Thursday at GW St Lukes 5:30pm if you're keen this week and wanna join us. Even if you're just started, don't have an army etc etc, We can get you into the game with rules and even loan armies. Just give us a bell or post up on Facebook group 'Auckland City Guard at Freemans Bay'.

Here's some of the pic's over the weekend.

Working on a display board for my army.

NiCon WHFB results.

1st  Antony Kitson 
2nd Richard Barby
3rd Rory Finnemore

SouthCon WHFB results.

1st  Rhys Hodgeson
2nd Mal Patel
3rd Joshua Hill