Sunday, 10 February 2013

OTT 2013 -Day 2 Results

Getting a lot of texts from exhausted but happy tournament goers. Great to see that there were so many new players at the event. Congratulations to the tournament organisers for a job well done for another year. Last I heard everyone was picking up their prizes with their tournament vouchers.

The final results are in but I won't jump the gun by announcing the results until the TO's have done themselves. Heres a taste of what happened going into the last round of the tournament.

At the top of the field for Warhammer fantasy we had Ogres, Warriors, Chaos Dwarves and Vamps battling it out. The results were very surprising...

For 40K there was a whole lotta Necrons, Daemons at the top of the field.

Watch this space. I'll have the results as soon as they are made official.

Edit: Results are here.

Rank Player Army Totals
Battle Total Sportsmanship Presentation
1 Ryan Simister Warriors of Chaos 163 83 40 40
2 Richard Barby Chaos Dwarfs 162 88 40 34
3= Paul Dalton Ogre Kingdoms 152 84 (T/B) 40 28
3= Wil Hoverd Ogre Kingdoms 152 72 40 40
5 Kelvin Lane Bretonnia 146 66 40 40
6 James Cardno Wood Elves 144 64 40 40
7 Nick Lironi-Irvine Wood Elves 142 62 40 40
8 Rory Finnemore Vampire Counts 139 59 40 40
9= Ryan Lister Vampire Counts 136 60 (T/B) 40 36
9= Brian Smith Dark Elves 136 56 40 40
11 Jeffrey Kent Orcs & Goblins 132 52 40 40
12 Nick Munn Skaven 128 52 40 36
13 Sean Robertson Dark Elves 126 58 40 28
14 Aaron Cue Chaos Dwarfs 123 45 40 38
15 Russell Simister Vampire Counts 117 37 40 40
16 Jared Pullman Dark Elves 113 43 40 30
17 Carl Templeton Dwarves 108 58 40 10
18 Adam Richards Skaven 91 41 40 10

Best Sports: Jared Pullman (4 votes)
Best Painted (Player's Choice): Kelvin Lane (6 votes)


  1. It was a good tournament and well run, I especially thought the two special scenarios were good twists to the usual but still well balanced.

    As for my performance, I'm not sure why my army even bothered to show up lol.

    Oh well, I'll have to try and get my mojo back before Equinox.

  2. It all adds up, the more tournaments you go to the better! At the end of the day, if your army is determined to undermine even your most magnificent of plans, there's not a lot you can do :)

    Well done to all involved, was good to hobble by, even if I wasn't playing.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Dan, I think that when you lose or win a game you've really got three things to look at:

    1. How did you personally perform?
    2. How did your army build perform?
    3. How much was luck a factor?

    I think when we when we win we tend to attribute too much of it to numbers 1 and 2, while when we lose 3 gets blamed. The next week for me will be trying to subjectively figure out just what the mix of factors was and look for improvements as I know that they did all contribute. Still had a great time and thanks to Russel for letting Adam and I take a draw and drive home on the last game...

  4. Very constructive analysis Jeffrey. I'll be taking a leaf out of that book. Just a point that I've come across with armies that I've designed for tournaments is matchups that it will be favourable and safe guards for the unfavourables. Equinox has over 40+ players so it will be a true test of your warhammer skills with so many variable matchups.

    I've got a whole bunch of quirky and memorable happenings from OTT here's some of them and feel free to add yours.

    Purple Sun comes to the rescue and Ogre BSB falls to just get edged out of the game.

    Undead assault the Wood Elf forest only to have their Lord swallowed up by the mystical forest.

    Sabre tusks have gone wild and Maul to death a Chaos Lord.

    16 Str 10 hits and Chaos wards it off ftw.

    Elves learn to maximise on a 3" backward hop.

  5. purple sun did come to the rescue 6dice for the win