Sunday, 30 September 2012

Auckland WHFB 500pt Mini Tournament

Some thing new on the horizon at my local Club. Borrowing the idea from Ben Curry of Bad_Dice fame, this will be a fun event capped at 20 players. It will be 3 45min rounds held on a normal club Sunday. So quick fast paced action and a chance to meet a whole bunch of local faces. I've been told that numbers are already about full, excite!

All Enquires to James:

Venue: Auckland City Guard Club, Freemans Bay Community Centre.

When: Sunday 28th October Starting 1pm. Entry: $10 for 3 rounds of games

Prizes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Chaos Space Marines

Advance order up for the Chaos Legions. I've always been keen on the fluff and will definitely get the book as it looks very primo. There's a lot of mixed feelings about the models and now that the pictures are up that aren't distorted rumour images I still haven't made my mind up about them yet.

The new format army book is rad!

This Forge Fiend looks amazing.

One Change of weapon and I'm not so sure.

Undecided but if you read some of the fiction Warhammer is based on this is so cool.

I do like but it does remind me of Decepticons. Not a bad thing...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Equinox is coming...

Equinox 2013 Tournament
16th & 17th March.
Held at Freemans Bay Community Centre
      Warhammer Fantasy     --        Warhammer 40K
        2400pts, 6 Games over 2days.          1750pts, 6 Missions, over 2days

Early registrations, $40 until the 20th of Oct.
Don’t miss out on one of the biggest tournaments in NZ,
register now!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

GuardCon Part 3, Photo's

Just some of the few photo's collected over the weekend. 

If you have any photo's you would like to share please add them for our viewing pleasure.

We held a awesome painting competition at GuardCon as well and once i have all the Photo's together for that event I'll post them up forthwith.

GuardCon, Part 2, Results and Summary.

Warhammer Fantasy:

Wargaming in Auckland during September gravitates towards GuardCon each year. The Auckland city Guard club holds it's annual wargaming convention and more often than not it is usually a packed hall with well over 100+ avid hobbyists in attendance. This year we saw a few of the countries enthusiasts gather to get their game on at the Freemans bay Community Centre in Ponsonby. The two main tournaments being held this year was the hotly contested GuardCon shield for Warhammer Fantasy and the Warhammer 40K doubles, which is the countries largest event at 60 competitors.

 On the left we have Warhammer Fantasy.

Right handside we have the Warhammer 40K doubles.

This years Warhammer Fantasy event saw a competitive field of hobbyists. With the usual Skaven armies not in attendance it was the Ogre hordes that showed up in force that were most noticeable battling it through the field. GuardCon is traditionally a softer tournament that's designed for all levels of wargaming but this year the comp stick was left at home. I've found that if you as a TO ask for softer lists there is always someone who will inevitably surf the limits and the great hobbyists who are sports and relent, inevitably come with a knife to the gun fight. It's a lesson that I have learnt and in future I will trust the hard caps to do its thing and with limits set there will be less things to confuse any list designs. In saying that most of the lists that attended were very even par and you can see that with only 5pts separating the podiums it was indeed a very closely fought tournament. Congratulations to the Champions.

Name paint Tie Break Battle pts Total
Tim Joss 30 86 116 TombKings
Simon Kwok 30 84 114 Ogres
Russ Simister 30 81 111 Vampire
Sam Whitt 30 78 108 Orc & Gob
Ross Hillier Jones 30 0.1 71.1 101.1 Warriors
Antony Kitson 29   72 101 Bretonnians
Paul Dalton 29 71 100 Ogres
Rory Finnemore 28 70 98 Empire
Nick Irvine 29 0.1 62.1 91.1 Wood Elf
Dan Blomfield 30   61 91 Ogres
Hamish Forbes 30 0.1 58.1 88.1 Ogres
Aleks Vukanovic 26 62 88 Ogres
James Milner 28 0.1 58.1 86.1 High Elf
Jorin Duncan 30   56 86 Orc & Gob
Jeremy Brown 30 0.1 54.1 84.1 Vampire
Graeme Fry 30 54 84 High Elf
Damon Quaid 27 0.1 54.1 81.1 Wood Elf
Ryan Simister 30   51 81 Warriors
Aaron Peters 28 50 78 Daemons
Chris Ellis 26 42 68 Vampire
Mike Vercoe 30 37 67 Vampire
Atreyu Bennett 28 8 36 Warriors

Best Sports - Aaron Peters
Best Paint-   Ryan simister  

*Sports- Tournament scores full,        
*List Bonus- Tournament scores full

Just a few summary points that I noticed and also some received suggestions to mop up another great Guardcon tournament.
1. Scenarios- With GuardCon and Equinox to follow early next year the two biggest tournaments on the Auckland Calendar. It has been suggested that they will not feature scenarios and instead have 6 games of Battle line. I think this is a very good idea as it provides a neutral starting point in any perceived advantage to all armies in attendance. If there is no immediate objections Equinox will be the first tournament that will feature 6 games of battle line.
2. 5 or 6 games in a tournament?- I've always believed in 6 games to decide a tournament and feel that 5 games doesn't quite give you enough time to get in stride. With 6 games it also gives travellers bang for their buck. I won't try to split them 4 and 2 and will continue a 3 games per day tournament for Equinox. At Equinox you do get the opportunity to play a fourth game on the Saturday night but that is a much more relaxed affair which is aimed more towards socialising than any actual competition (well that's what it is intended anyway).
3. Comp will also have a bit of a shake up and will follow the SCGT with adjusted amendments for Equinox. With complaints about Death Stars and Crown of Command, it will be best if we bring most tournaments in line as a trial at Equinox. With ETC restrictions a little confused at present and not suitable for just normal tournament play we'll try another system as a trial.
4. Timetable: I have been very accommodating towards early air flights and rushing prize giving. I feel that rushed prize giving really dilute the event and in future prize giving's will be not rushed and will be on timetable. If you have booked early flights there is always the option of having your Trophy and prizes sent to you later. Even better would be if you can book later flights and also stayed to congratulate the winners and share in the celebration at the end if you can.

Let me know your thoughts and Thank you for your participation in this years GuardCon.

Just to get in a big plug at the end of the summary ** Enter Equinox 2013 and get $10 off early registration until the 1st of October if you saw this here** Players packs will be out this weekend.

Warhammer 40K doubles:

Another big tournament of doubles this year and we've reached our goal as the biggest tournament in the country. Everyone seem to have enjoyed the tournament and with a bit of fine tuning we'll be bigger and more prepared for 6th next year. A big thanks goes out to the team of guys who also helped Matt the umpire out setting up the tournament. If you are keen to be involved with the organising group please give me a yell.

The results speak louder than words and with only 10 points separating the top 8 teams it was a very close tournament this year. Yummy Death took out the honours and if you guys know Pascal & Mike you should definitely go ask them why they got that name. Bloody angels teamed with Tyranids must be the new 6th edition meta or maybe not as the case may seem. I hope you guys all enjoyed the 6th edition doubles bash and are looking at coming to more tournaments in the future. The Auckland City guard welcomes all tournament goers & Hobbyists to our club rooms if you get a chance to get in more warhammer and we are open every Sunday 1-5pm with plenty of tables, terrain and regular opponents for you to get your hobby on. We're at the same hall as the tournament so just bowl on up and you'll be most welcome.

Congratulations to the winners and here's the results.

Lewtz quote, unquote.

Team Comp Battle Pts Sports Paint Total
1 Yummy Death 4 41 21 22 88
2 Like a Boss 6 32 24 25 87
3 Bionary 4 38 25 18 85
4 Heart Touchers Anonymous 4 39 24 17 84
5 Grim Dark Gangstas 4 30 27 20 81
6 Sugar & Spice 5 32 28 13 78
7 RAM-ROD 5 34 21 18 78
8 Choler & Rage 6 26 24 21 77
9 Team Dark Knights 3 36 21 13 73
10 Team Wraith 6 27 22 17 72
11 Glory-Hole 5 25 23 19 72
12 Ultra Dark Angel Marines 6 21 24 20 71
13 Taskforce 042 6 26 26 13 71
14 The Greendale Human Beings 7 23 28 12 70
15 Chaotic Armour 6 23 28 13 70
16 The living & The Dead 6 21 28 12 67
17 Team Puzzling Madness 4 32 21 8 65
18 Unlikely Allies 7 14 24 20 65
19 Happy Campers 8 20 22 14 64
20 Black & Blue Brothers 3 36 19 5 63
21 Team Void Fangs 5 22 23 11 61
22 Angry Woads 6 22 24 9 61
23 Blood for the Waaaaagh God 5 8 26 19 58
24 Team Jacob 5 25 23 4 57
25 Darksiders 4 21 24 7 56
26 Real Men Wear Pink 4 19 26 6 55
27 Accipiter Descendentes 5 18 22 6 51
28 Team 6 15 21 9 51
29 Team Taken 0
30 Team Taken 2 0

Best Sport - Stan Van der Ham
                    Kyle Wilson

Best Paint - Chris Ward
                   Simon Dennerly

** Enter Equinox 2013 and get $10 off early registration until the 1st of October if you saw this here**
 Groupies come with being the Champs.

Like a bause, Pizza and Warhammer!

Monday, 17 September 2012

GuardCon a Weekend of Wargames Part1

WHFB GuardCon 2012

Here is the round up of the podiums:-

1st: Tim Joss
2nd: Simon Kwok
3rd: Russ Simister

Just so you know how close it was there was 2 points that separated 1st and 2nd. Both 3rd placed and 4th placed had 4 wins and 2 relatively big losses during the weekend to round off a very close competition.

Best Sport: Aaron Peters (TO for upcoming Arch Enemy)
Best Paint: Ryan Simister

 Just a few games happening...

Always time to talk about the weather and your horde of troops...

NZ Miniature Showcase

The kick starter for the very first NZ miniature painting competition. We had well over 40 entries and some artists who hadn't entered in time but got the chance to show off some of their work at the venue as well.
I'll have a good write up soon but for now here is the results and one of the special mention entries.

Best Overall Miniature: Atreyu Bennett with, "Ork Mek".

Best Large Miniature: Michael Sheahan with, " Swarm Lord".

Young Bloods: Isaac Nannestad with, " DE Wych".

Special mention: Matt Robinson with, " Eldar Titan".

Here's the Shaggoth!

Sports wear for all occassions. Chas "Mr Sports", getting the precise measurements.

Greenstone Cup back at GuardCon where it belongs.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

GuardCon 2 days and counting.

Not long now avid wargamers before tournament day. Wargamers are out in force this weekend and there is no less than 6 tournaments to chose from this time around. GuardCon has had a history of being just a 30-40 man WH Fantasy tournament in the past but as the community has developed we have seen steady numbers in a good variety of Gaming systems growing. The Auckland City Guard Club our hosts for the convention  is located in the central city where it's easy to get for all and as a fact supports all wargaming systems with a huge access to 50 table tops. The Club is open every Sunday for anyone who is wargaming keen (there are a few Sundays the hall is unavailable).
This year sees a massive interest in Warhammer 40K with it's new 6th edition release. A popular reintroduction has drawn 60 to the field alone and even has me amped and you can have a look at the new set I'm working on here. The numbers are also steady for all the other tournaments and for a change WHFB takes a back seat to the main draw card which is pew  pew pew this year. Matt the Umpire for WH40K is pumped and will have your name tag waiting at the door. With interest high and 100+ at the convention, I've noticed  excited tones around the cities wargaming stores and a steady series of practice games being played, and it's awesome to see.

Warhammer Fantasy at Guardcon is not as over-brimming with players as previous tournaments and with an expected 26 attending this year it still offers a competitive challenge for all the players around the country attending. With unusually dim battle fires coming from the Tron this year, the annual Van Trapp holiday trip from Wellywood up to Auckland has also de-materialised. I suspect it's something to do with the stiff challenge they will have to face that is Auckland wargaming. So with that little snippet I present to you the links to the Players Pack here and also the current round up of lists attending here. For all those smart skittles , yes there is still late lists and a decision soon will be made if the judicial axe will fall.

So without further ado lets get to some juicy Warhammer Fantasy predictions for the tournament.

"Post Australian sabbatical",

Not long ago a talented Warhammer player from Auckland City Guard Club made a transition to over the ditch. Much like SBW he did it for the money and had discovered over there the prevalence for peer comp was just too many shoulder charges instead of a proper tackle. For Guardcon our mirror of SBWness has returned to the hardcap based tournament in the city of sails. Swinging a hand bag of Ogre proportions this weekend, I am predicting a series of fancy foot work, ripped jerseys, and a podium finish. Followed swiftly after with a  fast contract to a Japanese club for the easy money afterwards.

"There will be another Captain Soft Scores (CSS)",

If you have been playing in tournaments for a couple of years you'll be familiar with the paragon of etiquette and exuding school boy innocent charm of CSS. Three whole hours of wargaming would have gone pleasantly by where you've been treated to the most fantastical serene adventure in wargaming where whatever the result you wouldn't hesitate to offer a best sports vote and an introduction to yours or anyone else's daughter. Well I have news for you this has changed. The rigours of 8th has taken a toll and there's no tea and cup cakes with the little finger up anymore, no sir. Been on wargaming fire of late, it will be smash face here and MSU with some Strangle roots here and a podium there. Just remember Nick when you podium that the soft scores have better prizes.

"Orcs & Gob is where the Waagh is at",

Did you hear right, is this the gathering of the Waaaghh?? Yup it's Orkland alright and we have warmachine's cranking into the midnight hours preparing for the battle this weekend, all in multiples of two... With such a dominant statistical advantage of Greenskin armies it will be the best chance ever for them to trade in the slow rickety moving boar chariot for a high speed Mangler Squig. My pick wildcard podium.

Friday, 7 September 2012

GuardCon whose coming

The year's fizzing by and it's almost time for GuardCon once again. This year we have the biggest Warhammer 40K event in the country so far and the doubles format is really taking off. It might be the new release of 6th edition which has drawn me back into the ranks of Pew Pew but we look forward to it getting even bigger in our future tournaments. The tournament has a great spread of different armies attending too.

Heres a break down of the armies coming to the GuardCon 40K doubles:-

Chaos Marines = 3
Grey Knights =7
Blood Angels =6
Black Templar=2
Dark Angels=3
Space Marines=9
Dark Eldar=2
Space Wolves=3

The Warhammer Fantasy event did have over 40 players entered but due to busy real lives and timing we saw a whopping 16 players having to drop out almost last minute. Still a very competitive field. Here's the break down of the armies coming at the moment bar a few late lists.

Daemons 1
Ogres 4
BRet  1
WoC  3
VC   4
WE   2
HE 3
O&G 4
Emp 1
Tk 1

With the reintroduction of the Green Stone cup at Guardcon we have a big tournament of Blood Bowl at the venue as well. Along with the LOTR NZ GT, Flames of War and Warmachine also in good numbers the hall will be packed with avid Wargamers. A special mention must go out to the  travellers from all around the country and the large horde of Mainlanders the Convention is gonna be hosting. We look forward to some good ol fashion fun wargaming next weekend.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Elves are back in black.

Been neglecting the High Elves recently so thought I'd have to bring them out and do some work on them. Having a variety of armies to choose from I thought it'll be perfect time as my local club was holding a mid winter 2400pt league to bring out my Dragon. She's called 'Betsy", and she's mighty fun at a BBQ.

The list hasn't done too badly but noone has too obnoxious a shooting list I've faced so far. So we're approaching the final round of the League and it will be top of the table play off this Sunday against Warriors. I don't know about any Elven players out there but Warriors of Chaos usually are my nemesis. Too much armour and number of attacks and good access to magic means that my fragile army is usually whittled down pretty early in the game.

I've got quite alot of High Elf Silverhelm bits so I'd thought to put them to good use. This week I decided to make a unit of Nobles still inhabiting the old world. It goes with the theme if there is a theme in my army of a veteran army of Old world Elves fighting for their adopted homeland against all comers. The newly aquired horses and weapons are not classic Ulthuan and the Nobles in game will represent Dragon Princes. WIP of course.

 So going along with the eclectic lines I've also noticed that in the New White Dwarf there is a bristling army of Bretonnians. Surely that is a prelude to the next Fantasy release and all you rumour collectors can definitely help us out in that regard. I decide I'd go through my Bretonnain army and that I needed a Second Trebuchet, here's the WIP.

Not that I get side tracked but since I was doing a army clear out I stumbled on my Warriors army and the yet to be completed unit of Warriors with hand weapon and shields. Bad boys need a few more in their numbers me thinks.

Really a Zig Zagging type of hobby week for me it seems.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dark Vengeance, Snazzy!

Better than Bok choy with noodles is the new starter set for WH40k. The mini-rulebook is a God send as the brick that was the full size rule book is just that a brick. So my delicate nerd arms can have the rest they require to function its blinging out the useable mini in the foreseeable future.

The miniatures themselves are just that much more of a step in the right direction in technology. The details are crisp and durable and you know that it won't have the delicacy issues like some materials. I think I could trust any 10 year old with these models or even an unco-gamer like us all.

I kept the Dark Angels in the set and my mate took the Chaos and I'm very happy with what was in the box set. The characters are all in plastic and it shows that this material is definitely my pick of all the materials out there at the moment. It does all the details on the Independent Characters in all their deserved glory.

So since I really am not keen to torture you guys with a video showing my hand and me fiddling with plastic sprues, I've only got pictures and some short sharp commentary for you to enjoy.

Can anyone say that's good value GW, Three Characters just like that.

These terminators are the bomb and just with a few hammers dispersed amongst them they''l be perfect.

 These guys all have moulded shoulder pads. Starting up a DA army has never been so easy.

Just to top it all off Raven Wing gives the rest of my old bikes in the collection something to do. Anyone have the conversion kits they would like to get rid off?

Took me about an Hour and half to assemble it all. The snap fit is a perfect fit and for those who are fussy then some green stuff will tidy those bits that might see slightly out of place. For me it was take the mould lines off and its ready for the painting table.

I'm waiting on Army lists for the tournament I'm running in a week and a half and this was the perfect distraction. For all those guys attending the reason you haven't got the complete spread sheet of army lists is because I'm just waiting for that last couple. You know who you are.