Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Equinox 2013 WHFB Templates

The WHFB templates are available for download to submit your lists.

Excel version and included example Here.

Word version and included example Here.

Official Tournament thread is  Here.

All WHFB lists will need to be submitted by Sunday the 3rd of March to avoid late penalties. Email has been sent to all registered players tonight please reply to the email to submit your list.

Hobby for the week.

Not much time so still a few things done, which is good progress. More Terminators based and ready.

I'm playing a 2400pt list with Reavers. I know, who takes them so instead of proxies I thought I'd get these boys ready. Bases and movement trays flocked. Models magnetised with magnetic strips and base painted with steel paint.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ultramarines WIP - Terminators

Got a chance to base and then eventually get close to the finish a unit of Terminators. Really like the icons so decided that these guys all should get one. Still going with the theme of old weapons on urban desolation for the bases. I'll be building my entire force and part painting them first so that I will have a table top army. The finishing touches and the detail painting will be done in the late stages (so a long time off yet).

First Terminator squad.

One of the things I am really liking about 40K is the fact that you can personalise everyone of your guys. Having a much smaller number of troops compared to WHFB is a bonus that you can individualise and not create a insurmountable amount of painting. So I was able to bitz bash out my sargent. He's got a old terminator Power fist thats been glued on and ever so slightly green stuff repaired.

Couple of Sargents and Heavy weaps.

Monday, 18 February 2013

NZTC 2013 - Results

First of all a tribute to the NZ Warhammer scene and its camaraderie. Great bunch of guys and good atmosphere to get your hobby on. There's definitely no shady dealings here in our community unlike some malcontent systems. Big thanks to Pete Dunn for organising this and re-inspiring me back into the hobby after my energy levels with the hobby after a busy past year of organising was fading. It was one of the reasons why I didn't make the trip down for this awesome event, but after seeing all the photo's and hearing all the cool stories and moments I think I'll be rocking out an army at a tournament near you real soon. If you're as envious as I am of all the fun that was being had at your local warhammer tournament then you'll get out of the garage and goto your local club get a few games in and support your local and national tournaments, enough said. What are you waiting for...

Tribute to Warhammer, everyone is playing it and it's the most popular system by a long stretch so go to your local club and get a game in. You know you want to!

(Photo's courtesy of various good guys.)

Team NZhammered (Auckland City Guard) - proud of ya guys.

Team O.M.E.N - Wellington's warhammer stallions.

This years finish in true closely contested fashion is...

1st The Von Trapp Family - Pete and the team great work and dominating the scene once again.

2nd The Extraordinary Nerdymen - Proud of the boys on a brilliant result.

3rd. NZhammered / Auckland City Guard - Sweet finish guys and can I book a net list some time :P

Sunday, 17 February 2013

NZTC - Day 2

Spent the day organising the next big kahuna tournament so haven't had the time to get the definitive's. Have some of the meat and news for the remaining two rounds that will decide the first ever NZ team championships coming in though. So as the boys played to the wee hours of Saturday to get their 4th round in we have at the end of Day 1 the standings below.

1st NZ Hammered  (Auck)

2nd Von Trapp Family (Welly)

3rd Nerdymen. (Auck).

As I'm decidedly a biased Nerdymen supporter I'll include their results of huge interest, Round 5 up against the Netlists of fellow Auckland Team NZ Hammered.

Nerdyman Rory  Downs 'Skull crusher' Glen    14 - 6

Nerdyman Paul  Downs  'What Lizard' John      14 -6

Nerdyman Tom  Downs  'Net Lister' James       14 - 6

Nerdyman Graeme Ties 'The Gouda' Antony     10 - 10

Spectacular top of the table clash there gents.

Intrepid Julie Andrews plans until the early hours of the morning

So as we approach the final round of the competition. The positions remain relatively close still at the top of the table, who will win it? Results will be up here as soon as they are confirmed by the organisers.

The Big question is will Julie Andrews win another trophy......

Stay tuned avid wargamers and keep a handle on the many NZ blogs soon to be released that will have huge snippets of the individual ups and downs during the tournament.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

NZ Team championships - Day 1

Found a much more reliable source of coverage for all you avid wargamers. It's radio Nerdymen and the team travelling to conquer down in the capital this weekend. So instead of much hated twitter the boys on the Nerdymen team is rolling in the results as they come.

Venue just before the action of the day. (Pic courtesy of the Nerdymen)

Team Van Trapp Family comprising of The dominant Dunn's currently in the NZ WHFB scene will be favoured to take the tournament by storm. With their team members current NZ Masters winners and regular tournament champions they are hard to not bracket at the top. Teams competition is a whole different kettle of fish though and ETC experience will be a leveller to even the odds. I'll have to pick the Auckland teams to do well with that hidden advantage amongst their midst. Team Nerdymen will have a decided advantage with their team captain fresh from a expedition to the ETC. The second Auckland team NZhammered will bring hours and hours of netlist and podcast humdrum, so kids does nerding the net and podcasting pay fruitfully, we will see. Without much ado we go into the hard stuff and straight into the results with round 2 just finished.

1st Round Results

NZhammered 60      - Capital crusaders 20
Von Trapp 57          - Over the hill 23
Nerdymen 45           - Omen 35
Shaken N Stirred 43 - Cut the Mustard 37
Grumpy old men 41  - Capital Crushers 39

Round 2

Nerdymen  45     - Shaken not Stirred 35
NZhammered 50 - Von Trapp Family 30 BIG RESULT

more to come soon.

Silver on display.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Magnetised Weaponry

With all the talk of the NZ magnet ban (silly law change), I thought I'd magnetise the sponsoons on my Predator with my left over magnets. A lot easier than I had anticipated and now I can be the odd man out with a Annihilator sporting some Storm Bolters.

Army on show: courtesy of lilloser here

Here's a Dark Elf army I stumbled on which caught my eye. Some superb conversions and ideas for my up coming dark kin I'm going to procure I reckon.

 Mixture of Dark Eldar, Spearmen, Whitelion bits really sets this unit off.

 Morathi on an alternate Pegasus

 Another use for Dire wolves and great as dark riders.

I may use the Manflayers as shades but these are a good alternative.

Board Game of the week: Alhambra

City building game where you collect and build up resources to fund different structures. Structures are of different categories and net you points through the three different scoring phases in the game. Classic German board game and very easy 5 mins to learn and about an 1hr duration for 2-6. Highly recommend this and the whole family will definitely enjoy it.

Rating 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

OTT 2013 Tonnes of Pictures 2

Armies wise 40K had the most complete projects at the tournament.

Like the army Simon. It's come a long way from just last years Auckland Open.

Haydens Daemons coming in Second at the tournament. Look at all those Flamers!

Good to see Damien back with the Nids again 2013.

Stuart's army took out the best painted and looks really good to the eyes.

Pascal's Storm Ravens and Dreadnoughts dominating the board.

Monday, 11 February 2013

OTT 2013 tonnes of Pics

 Here's a mass of pictures from the tournament.

CSS Orange swarm of Wood Elves. Often found spraying a hail of sticks at most tournaments near you.

A new comer to the tournament scene. Kelvin Lanes Bretonnians looking very sharp and taking out the best paint. I hope he's booked his ticket for Equinox and if not he definitely should.

 Ryan's picture of chaos. Well done for taking the spoils and the trophy fella!

 Excellent looking Dark Elves from Brian. He's looking for a grudge match first game of Equinox. whose brave enough to accept the challenge?

 Rats, rats more rats! Good looking army Nick.

 The Notorious bus of Vamps and a thousand knights.

Wood Elves could not be more gentleman like. James I hope you're only a few finishing touches away from a epic finished army. They are looking mean.

Liking the new Stompy addition to your army Jeffrey.

Pictures courtesy of Photographer Aaron, many thanks.