Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Equinox 2013 WHFB Templates

The WHFB templates are available for download to submit your lists.

Excel version and included example Here.

Word version and included example Here.

Official Tournament thread is  Here.

All WHFB lists will need to be submitted by Sunday the 3rd of March to avoid late penalties. Email has been sent to all registered players tonight please reply to the email to submit your list.

Hobby for the week.

Not much time so still a few things done, which is good progress. More Terminators based and ready.

I'm playing a 2400pt list with Reavers. I know, who takes them so instead of proxies I thought I'd get these boys ready. Bases and movement trays flocked. Models magnetised with magnetic strips and base painted with steel paint.


  1. I take Reavers when I can fit them in, just sadly that's not too often with everything being so damn tight in the HE book, so they become the first thing to drop every time. If you could get two units for less than three eagles they'd be in every list I'd make.

    Look forward to seeing what you get out of them, mate.

  2. These are the Reavers for "That High Elf List". Apart from my brain fart in round 6 of arch enemy where I was going to 20-0 my opponent and then dropped my drawers from a stupid mistake the list is very playable. I am getting in more time with the list as it's fun and really challenging to play. It's totally shittte list but has cooI synergies. My upgraded version will be my tournament list later this year. Still undecided what that will be but it's in progress.

    Reavers are brilliant 80% of the time but not for the points they cost esp in a High Elf army at 2400pts where they just cost far too much. An extra eagle for 50pts (so much cheaper on pts) at T4 is so much more survivable has slightly better charge and redirect range. That flappy feathery fool is infinitly better imho than the humble over costed reaver. It's good though as I feel so much less guilty throwing big bird under the bus than five cavalry elves (the models are primo).