Sunday, 2 December 2012

NZ Masters 2012 Pt 2

So end of day one we have the third rounds results.

Round 3

Rory 20       vs Joel 0
Tom 19        vs Sam 1
Antony 17    vs Neil 3
Tim 17         vs Peter 3
Locky 17     vs Ray 3
Peter 16       vs Mike 4

Absolute thumping scores at the Masters this year, which I had expected would be a lot closer. My favourite and wild card for the tournament the High Elves coming back with a strong 16-4. Everyone has rated the High Elf army as a bottom of the table list. I think it was designed beautifully for the match ups it was going up against, lets see how it fairs with it's worst match up tomorrow against the shooty Tomb Kings.

As expected the Tomb Kings did a number on the High Elves as T3 is just not tough against that much shooting. I've been out and about so haven't had time to update much but I do have the Final standings going into the championship final round. I'll leave the results for the tournament organisers to post but here is the Round 5 standings and Matchups going into the 6th and final round.

Tom D     72
Rory F     68
Peter W   64  High Elves
Peter D    59 
Tim J       59
Ant K      50
Ray D      49
Mike K    45
Locky R   44
Sam W     37
Joel V       31
Neil          22  

Match ups

These three matches will decide the title.

Bretonnians  vs Daemons
High Elves    vs Vampires
Skaven         vs Beastmen

Tightly packed but not enough to get near the podiums

Empire         vs O&G
Skaven         vs Warriors
Lizards         vs Tomb Kings    

Potentially the top 5 still have a chance to take it out. I'll be catching all the batreps that are bound to be around from the contestants all week and will post them up if I get the chance.


  1. I look forward to the next post where Phil tries and fails miserably not to gloat about winning bets related to certain armies

    Meanwhile I'll keep enjoying my humble pie ;-)

  2. @James, Thanks for the rolling coverage all wkend. Also you play High Elves as well mate, why'd you not see what that High Elf list could do?? I'd understand Skaven rating that list poor cos the cheese just isn't greener on da other side ;)

    @Pete, Happy to show you some lagers when you're up next big fella. High Elves should definitely have the advantage against Daemons in a match up. That first game did prime both Tom and Peter to the 1st and 2nd spots at the Masters.

  3. I still think there is far too many easy points in Peters list to those who are patient. I look at that list and think, hit the Lions and Princes a bit and theres very little combat threat left. Spearmen certainly can't do any damage, great for absorbing it with high magic around though.

    From what I saw, limited as that may be, alot of Peter's opponents seemed very aggresive to get stuck in to Peter's lines (try line fever?), and ended up up gettng isolated and picked apart by multiple units at a time. Peters well and truly proven over the years thats hes good enough to do that with ease.

    It also helped that his BSB with 3 S6 attacks killed Rory's Vamp lord and Thrall in two consecutive rounds of combat :-P letting Peter jump a very tightly packed top table crowd. Its better to be lucky than good as they say!

    1. The High Elves have nothing to go combat heavy (and before you say Whitelions)unless they spend significant points which would have limited them in other phases. The two RBT's and the Lords RBT backed by horde thinning flames was a good choice for the field that is the current meta for NZ. I'm suspecting and Peter can correct me if I'm wrong that the list was designed to pick off points and small wins and counter attack when your opponent over extended themselves. It still had some combat blocks if you could isolate your opponents strong units. The list is not a sure win and required a deft general to manoeuvre it. Which is what all good Warhammer armies should be not a cheese list that requires a push in the general direction (this isn't intended to be a swipe at anyone). I really liked the High Elves getting second as it proved a general is what backs up a good game.