Friday, 8 February 2013

OTT 2013 day 1

Late news from the first day with 4 games to play for both WHFB & WH40K.

The forces of chaos is dominating the standings end of game 4.

Ryan    Warriors of Chaos
Richie   Chaos Dwarves
Will      Ogres

Leading a very close pack with VC & more Ogres following close behind.

Interesting first round matches saw an Ogre Deathstar get dwarfed, VC's were Wood Elf'd and more Dwarfing to some Elves.

More details to come hopefully tomorrow. boys must be knackered after a four game day.

Over in the 40K universe developments can be found here. The Charlie juggernaut keeps a rollin.


  1. Well done Rich, keep your Hashut together for day 2!

  2. Good to see the Ch-dorfs bringing it to the scene Richie.