Monday, 11 May 2015

Club Sunday 10th May

Good gaming day Sunday at Club. 32 Peeps made it down and many games were played.
Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40K, 
BloodBowl, X-wing, Board Games and more.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Painting night & Club 3rd of May

Great idea for a mass painting night and we had our first session tonight. Open to everyone and good for beginners and vets to share knowledge and get in some banter. If you are in Auckland and want to get into the hobby come join us. Feel free to get in touch. It was really enjoyable to break out some paints and brushes. Should be happening semi-regular and deets up soon.

Good gathering of troops tonight and much hilarity was had.
More Squigs and gobbo's to add to the horde.
 Dave got some much needed Dwarf painting in.
 Volley & Bayonet came to get some painting.
 Nathan got his first painting session ever in tonight.
 Jonas nurgled some paints.

Club on Sunday the 3rd was much varied and fun and we even squeezed in a X-Wing tournament too. The proposed multiplayer Warhammer Fantasy system got a test and by all accounts works a treat.

 Much miscasts were had with fickled winds of magic in the multiplayer game.
Eclipse massive game.
Oscar takes out the X-Wing dog fight this weekend.
It was his first tournament and he has played for just over a month. 
Great testament of how easy to get into X-Wing is.