Friday, 20 October 2017

NZ Wargaming Invitationals 2017

Another year of fantastic Wargaming tournaments around the country is about to culminate with the end of year event of events. The second annual 'NZ Wargaming Invitationals' will be the pinnacle Tournament for those wargamers looking to finish off on a high after competing around the country. Headlining NZ Invitationals will be 'The 9th Age: Fantasy Battle' & 'Warhammer 40K', come November. Wargamers invited will compete to secure their own piece of history with Plaques of distinction and their name engraved on the Perpetual Trophy to celebrate the success as the Champion of that system.

NZ Invitationals are hosted annually mid-November to avoid the busy Xmas season. Rankings pages for each individual system will be used to determine the field of competitors.You earn points according to your placing in each tournament you attend in the country. With the top 3 results counting towards your total.

Your Invitational will be on it's way this 
Saturday the 21st of October

NZ Wargaming Invitationals. November - Auckland.

The 9th Age: Fantasy Battle

9th Age has proven itself at the biggest major European Tournament (ETC) to be the dominant Fantasy Battle system in the world. With the current edition already gaining 360,000+ downloads it can only build from strength to strength. With those kind of numbers following the game globally, it was inevitable that NZ moved to adopt the popular games system. I can personally attest to the games fantastic balanced clarity and replay-ability.
This year in New Zealand, there have been notable Conventions around the country hosting 9th Age events. The tournament results have been collated and the Top 12 competitors along with 2 Wildcards will be invited to compete at Invitationals.

Warhammer 40K

The new popular edition of WH40K has gained a massive audience here and around the world again. This year with overwhelming response from the community, Invitationals will be competed for with a capped field of 20. Tournament competitors placing in the top 10 in each NZ based tournament will be invited first with wildcards to fill the remaining places if needed. 

If you are unable to make it to Invitationals this year, we will have a Twitch TV channel prepared dedicated to the event. Support your wargaming community and have a look in. More equipment is along the way for future tournaments and we are planning multiple channels in future events.

Thank you to our Sponsors.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

GuardCon 2017 - Report

Wargaming was at the fore this past weekend in Auckland. GuardCon hosted a massive gathering of Hobbyists at the Auckland Bridge Club. It was fantastic to see the resurgence in Warhammer in record numbers and I for one look forward to seeing more players joining the community. Thanks to our local friendly club AGC, backed by supportive sponsors, the tournaments saw everyone getting a prize.

The Atmosphere was electric, friendly and fun. If you ever want to come to a convention, GuardCon is definitely about meeting people who are like minded, playing the games that you enjoy. I've always gone to tournaments to share my hobby and to get inspiration for my future projects. What better way is there to grow your hobby by helping the community and showing off the games you play. Gone are the days of exclusivity and Conventions are all welcoming and look forward to boosting you into the games you enjoy. If you have any questions, bring them along.

GuardCon hosted, Warhammer 40k doubles, The 9th Age: Fantasy Battle, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing and Board Gaming. Thank you to all the Attendees, Sponsors, Fellow Organisers and the community for making another massive convention a success.

Here follows the results and also some photos of the event. I'll try to get a photo dump in on a following post. If you have any photo's that you want to share, please get in touch.

GuardCon W40K Doubles: T.O's: Stan & Corey.

Rank Team Name Tournament Total
1 Team Chris 128.53
2 Thousand Guns 114.75
3 New Meta 110.18
4 Fungi & Cheese 104.41
5 Team Min Max Spam 102.07
6 Kyle & Stan 100.89
7 Ramrod 99.73
8 Hen & Ben 96.31
9 Never Give Up 94.32
10 Bobby Timlers 91.9
11 Kamikazi  91.63
12 Aeldari United 91.02
13 Ultra Guard 89.99
14 Reagan & Jessie 89.93
15 Reclamation Legion 88.83
16 Jed & Connor 87.13
17 Martin & Ben 85.98
18 M & M 84.55
19 Paul & Greg 83.88
20 Ryoma & Cam 82.84
21 Edmund & Owen 81.73
22 Max Push-ups 80.83
23 Team DG 79.54
24 Ben C & Ben L 78.14
25 Heretic Query 76.8
26 Jessie & Nathan 75.09
27 Chris & Gordon 73.2
28 George & Chris 72.54
29 Biggie Smalls 70.05
30 Waaagh! 69.16
31 Dan & Damian 67.88
32 Westside Marines 63.3
33 Can we go home 53.24
34 The Rock 28.12
35 Waaagh 2 27.34
36 Q& M 26.83
37 Tim & Geoff 20.1
38 Ghost 20.05

Best Sports: Waaagh!
Best Paint: Julien Lestat

The 9th Age: Fantasy Battle. T.O's: Rich, Mccrae & Erdem.

BP Army
1 Jack B 73 ID
2 Thomas B 71 WoDG
3 Tom C 69 Sylvan
4 E.J 65 ID
5 Mccrae 63 HE
6 Damian T 59 Ogre
7 Erdem O 58 HE
8 Glenn P 53 Vamp
9 Michael P 52.1 Empire
10 Basil M 52 Vamp
11 Nick L 47.1 Sylvan
12 Jade C 47 O&G
13 Ken H 44 Beast
14 Bill G 42.1 Dwarves
15 Brian W 42 HE
16 Jacob C 38 Beast
17 Josh W 35 Saurian
18 John W 34 Vamp
19 Curtis T 30 HE
20 Bobby G 26.1 O&G
21 Chris E 26 Vamp
22 Richard H 25 Vamp

Best Sport: Brian
Best Paint: Josh

Age of Sigmar. T.O's: Dan, Andy and John.

Tournament total

1) Finn (100 TP)
2) Andy (76 TP)
3) Ron (66 TP)

X-Wing Miniatures. T.O: Chris

1. Abby
2. Damien
3. Alan

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Till next time. Play hard, fair and with good miniatures...

Thursday, 17 August 2017

GuardCon 2017

GuardCon 2017

ACG Club's annual convention of gaming.
Featuring the largest Warhammer 40K doubles tournament in NZ, The 9th Age: Fantasy Battle, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing, Board gaming and more!!

Hosted by Equinox Tournaments in association with the ACG Club.

Email for Information & Registration now at

Thank you to our sponsors.
Please support them. There generosity goes a long way to making your events happen.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

ETC - Mega Wargaming at the European Team Championships

It's that time of the year that I get invigorated again for our hobbies. So what is the state of play for the wargaming miniatures community, I hear you ask. Tournaments and pictures tell more than internet fake news and those vociferous groanards behind a keyboard. This post is gonna be short and sweet and here is some photo's... IT'S HUUUGGGGEEEE!!!

ETC This year wasn't in a air craft hangar. Just a hall the size of a air craft hangar for 1500+!!

The 9th Age: Fantasy battle rocking major numbers 400+
 Teams makes it so much more fun amongst your mates, representing your country.

X-Wing was amongst the field this year along with Warhammer 40k and FoW.

 Top fun had by all. Pictures are courtesy of the community.

Team NZ!