Monday, 21 November 2016

Basing Tutorial

I found this on one of the local pages. Very good if you're looking at improving the details on your miniatures bases.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

NZ Wargaming Invitationals 2016

So the waters have settled and we have worked hard to get the Wargaming tournament season ending event stamped and ready to go here in Aoteroa. The Inaugural 'NZ Wargaming Invitationals' will be the pinnacle event for those wargamers looking to finish off on a high after competing in tournaments around the country over the course of each tournament year. Headlining the very first NZ Invitationals will be 'The 9th Age: Fantasy Battle' & 'Warhammer 40K' this November. Wargamers invited will compete to secure their own piece of history with Plaques of distinction and their name engraved on the Perpetual Trophy to celebrate the success as the Champion of that system.

The NZ Invitationals will be hosted annually mid-November to avoid the busy Xmas season. Rankings pages for each individual system will be used to determine the field of competitors.You earn points according to your placing in each tournament you attend in the country. With the top 3 results counting towards your total.

With a grand reception from the community, we are full for this edition of the event. X-Wing will be a demo system this time around and there are future systems already expressing interest to join Invitationals from next year onward.

NZ Wargaming Invitationals. November - Auckland.

The 9th Age: Fantasy Battle

9th Age has proven itself at the major European Tournament (ETC) to be the dominant Fantasy Battle system in the world at the moment. With the current edition already gaining 125,000+ downloads it can only build from strength to strength. With those kind of numbers following the game globally, it was inevitable that NZ moved to adopt the popular games system. I can personally attest to the games fantastic balanced clarity and replay-ability.
This year in New Zealand, there have been very notable tournaments around the country hosting 9th Age events. The tournament results have been collated and the Top 12 competitors along with 2 Wildcards have been invited to compete at Invitationals. With eager anticipation, everyone has accepted their invites with relish. The strong field to compete for the spoils are all in the top 20 in the country..

Warhammer 40K

With proven years and years of popularity in wargaming, WH40K has again attracted a large tournament following in the North Island. This year for Invitationals it was the trial year for WH40K. We approached our local tournament community to gather interest for the event and we received overwhelming response. With rankings not in play this year we have a big 20 field to contest the very first Invitationals. It is planned that the following Invitationals will use official tournament rankings and be offered country wide. The competition will be supreme with the so many City centres with large numbers of Warhammer 40K players. This year's 20 players are from our regular Auckland tournament going community.

If you are unable to make it to Invitationals this year, we have a Twitch TV channel (Karanadon) dedicated to the event. Support your wargaming community and have a look in. More equipment is along the way for future tournaments and we are planning multiple channels in future events.

Thank you to our Sponsors.

Monday, 3 October 2016

GuardCon 2016 Tourney report

GuardCon weekend was a superb gathering of gamers this year. Really great to see such numbers again and huge encouragement for future events up here in Auckland. Thank you to all of you who came and made it such a ball of a convention. Also great job and a pat on the back to the various T.O's who gave their time up to help our Local Club run the 7 systems that were on show. Notably Warhammer 40K & The 9th Age Fantasy Battle shone at GuardCon. The new venue was well suited for the games Convention.

With great numbers and fantastic support from our sponsors. We were able to make it all that more memorable for the contestants with some big prizes given out. Also some of the the bigger systems even had all or most of their field get prizes in their events. We stuck to our club policy of 'Everyone has the same chance of winning the Loot'. This meant that it didn't matter where you placed in the field there were still plenty of spot prizes to be won.

Support our tournament sponsors as they are supporting you by providing tournament support. Without them we wouldnt be able to put on such a extravagant show. Here's the Results for the various systems and a few of the pictures from the weekend. There's already heaps of photo's on facebook of the event but I'll also post a photo dump in a few days or so.

Warhammer 40K Doubles - T.O: Stan V

Rank Team Name Bonus Battle Sports Paint Total
1 Team Chris 13 132 30 20 195
2 Team Cheddar 2 119 30 24 175
3 Mind Games 3 106 29 18 156
4 Darth Taudar 14 92 29 20 155
5 P.G. Bagriders 2 108 27 16 154
6 Rotting Reptiles 14 83 30 26 153
7 Cronid 13 91 30 16 150
8 Enthusiastic Envelopes 4 81 29 20 134
9 Space Corgis with Spikes 13 72 29 18 132
10 The Bloody Tau 14 66 30 19 129
11 Angry Birds 2 75 28 21 125
12 Dark Wolves 2 67 30 23 122
13 South Park 15 52 30 21 118
14 Jammy Dodger 13 53 30 14 110
15 Pew Pew 2 62 27 12 103
16 Death 3 39 26 16 84
17 Team Dusted 0 0 0 0 0
18 Team Late 0 0 0 0 0

Well done to Team Chris dominating again up here in Auckland W40K.
*Two Teams had real life catch up pretournament. Hope everything worked out fells.

The 9th Age Fantasy Battle ; T.O: Josh Workman.

1.     McCrae L     - Dwarves
2.     Evert L         - Infernal Dwarves
3.     Tom C          - Sylvan Elves
4.     Erdem O      - High Born Elves
5.     Ethan P        - Beast Herd
6.     Tom D          - Ogres
7.     Phil W          - High Born Elves
8.     Chris E         - Sylvan Elves
9.     Phil C           - Daemons
10.   Curtis T        - High Born Elves
11.   Michael P     - Orc & Goblin
12.   Dave E         - Warriors
13.   Richard H     - Warriors
14.   Josh W         - Saurians
15.   Damian T     - Orc & Goblin
16.   Brian W       - High Born Elves
17.   Jade C          - Ratkin
18.   Jakob C        - Dwarves

Best Paint: Phil C
Best Sports:Jade C

Lord of the Rings : T.O: Corey Buchanan

Name BP VP Sports Painting Total
1 Dory 108 41 30 26 205
2 Josiah 104 43 30 26 203
3 Elliot 88 27 29 26 170
4 Julia 88 25 30 26 169
5 Mikey 64 26 30 20 140
6 Connor 60 13 30 20 123
7 Lev 48 18 30 20 116
8 Shane 32 9 30 26 97


Army Shane

Age of Sigmar : T.O: Timothy Lind

GuardCon Battlehost (2,000 points)

1st - Ron Golds
2nd - James McPherson
3rd - James Cox

Best Painted Army - James McPherson

GuardCon Vanguard (1,000 points)

1st - Daniel Maguire
2nd - Daniel Street
3rd - James Orton

Best Painted Army - Daniel Street

X-Wing & Imperial Assualt : T.O's: Chris Palmer & Abby Pitout

GuardCon Xwing Champion: Chris Franklin

GuardCon Imperial Assault Champion:  Alex Grant.

Once again thank you for all your participation Gaming community. If you are in Auckland then dont forget to visit A.C.G. Club, the biggest friendly gathering of gamers and systems in Auckland. You can visit our Club page Here. Our respective Sponsors are also on facebook and on their individual websites. Visit and go have a look for your Hobby needs ;)

Friday, 30 September 2016

Equinox 2017

Equinox Wargaming

Tournaments will be back 2017...

mid March 2017, Auckland Central.
Warhammer 40k
Fantasy Battle T9A
Age of Sigmar
and more, with details to come....

Read about previous Equinox tournaments:-

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Ogre Blood Bowl team WIP

Have been caught up in the hype of imminent release of the new release of Blood bowl (due around Dec). I have spare Ogres and went about converting them for another team for the hobby.

The starting team of 4 Ogres and a mass of Snotlings (using Gnoblars)

A few Arm repositions and also a fair bit of sculpting with milliput.

 I am quite partial to this as the 5th Ogre. 

 Thats a complete resculpt and it's begun.

Not too bad for a nights work.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

MonsterCon 2016

Another year and the gathering of Generals have brought along a whole mob of battle ready, ferocious beasts. The concentration of Mythic beasts was most noticeable from the Northern wastes, with the Warriors of the Dark Gods fielding a wondrous 7 Monsters in their army.
This year saw a solid field using the ETC endorsed rules 'The 9th Age Fantasy Battle' at MonsterCon. A week out from the Huge tournament that is the 'European Team Championships'. We had a warm up crew that will surely be prepping for the next Huge convention 'GuardCon' in September. It warmed the heart to see that everyone was using combat heavy lists, that is the signature of the tournament. Carnage ensued and we had a huge wreckage of Beasts and Monsters battling out on the Boards. As the Dust settled, it seemed that the Infernal Dwarves had bred well in their magical beasts and the army took home both the Beast Slayer and the Titular title.

MonsterCon 2016

1 Evert Loef Infernal Dwarves 52
2 Phil Wu High Born Elves 35
3 Dave Emery Warriors 34
4 Josh Workman Kingdom Equitane 29
5 Rich Holtzhausen Dread Elves 28
6 Damian Treanor Vermin Swarm 24
7 Noel Tobin Orc & Goblins 18
8 Tom Cochrane Sylvan Elves 17
9 Brian Wigzell High Born Elves 11
10 Chris Ellis Sylvan Elves 10
11 Michael Partridge Orc & Goblins 9
12 Reuben Yu High Born Elves 7
13 Connor Hutton Saurian Ancients 2
14 Frank Ansell High Born Elves 2

Monster Slayer : Evert Jan
Best Paint: Tom Cochrane
Best Sport: Josh Workman

The Flaming Kadaii and Bull Taurus tears into the Peasant Infantry.

High Elves gathered battle ready to slay some Monsters.

The Warriors of the Dark Gods gather a mighty Monstrous battleline.

The Sylvan elves have awoken their Forest Dragon.

Elven Cavalry and their Monstrous allies crash into the Infantry Bulwark.

See you at the next huge 9th Age tournament in Auckland.