Thursday, 28 July 2016

GuardCon 2016

Guardcon is fast approaching once again Wargamers. It's time to dust off those Soldiers and march to drum of Tabletop War!! This year will see a host of tournaments and all centrally located in Auckland. It will be a spacious venue and we will be expecting 100+ competitors. Come and join the community, both new and familiar faces.

GuardCon 2016

When: 24th & 25th of September
Where: Remuera Bridge Club, Auckland

Warhammer 40K
The 9th Age Fantasy Battle
Age of Sigmar
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars: X-Wing
Star Wars: Imperial Assault
Board Gaming throughout both days.


Player packs and event pages will be up very soon.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

MonsterCon 2016 - The 9th Age

MonsterCon 2016

The Annual gathering of Monsters for '9th Age Fantasy Batlle' is here. Bring your Beasts and Monsters to battle for glory on the battlefield. The more Monsters you bring the more bonus victory points you'll gain each round.

We'll be using the T9A ver1.0 rules unabridged for army design for a 3000pt (or under), Single army list tournament. To encourage you to field your menagerie. Monsters (large target rule) will gain a 5+ ward save against all magic and shooting in MonsterCon.

July 30th & 31st, at Spellbound Games, Aviemore Dr, Auckland.

Contact: for PP and registration.

Entry Fee: $40. This is a 5 round 2 day tournament.
(3 rounds on Sat and 2 rounds on Sun)
* If registered and paid before 15th July ($5 disc)
** ACG member disc applies also if paid before the 15th July.
*** Entries after the 22nd of July accepted at the discretion of the T.O.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Mini-GuardCon 2016 Results

Fantasy Battle Hobby was in full swing in Auckland this past weekend. We held our 1st ever '9th Age Fantasy Battle' tournament 'Mini-GuardCon'. A perfect warm up to the NiCon Convention held in Hamilton this upcoming Queens birthday weekend.

9th Age is the quintessential game for you the hobbist and is the natural follow up to 'Warhammer 8th edition'. This game is brought to you by the team at 'ETC Events'. They have released the Version 1 and all 16 Army books. This is all driven by them and are free to be downloaded by the community. This is no imitation, it's the real deal. If you enjoy your games to be intricate and include usable, competitive and varied Army builds. Then this is the game for you.

After this weekends tournament, we already have a few of the gamers who went into limbo with the transition asking when the next tournament will be. If you want to get back into this indepth and rewarding hobby then you can get in contact with me and get added to the tournament register of emails. You can also visit, 1. The NZ 9th Age Page Here. or 2. The Official international 9th Age page Here.

So this year we have a Mini-GuardCon tournament for 9th Age. This is held as a warm up event and the annual edition of GuardCon will be scheduled for later this September. We held a little different format this year and the tournament was divided into two separate tournaments on the Sat & Sun. The overall results for both days was used to calculate the main results for the Trophy.

Great gathering of 17 competitors to the weekend of games. In our smaller tournament venue, it felt friendly and club casual. Exactly the feel and environment we were aiming for. The tournament was run by myself with help from the ACG Inc Club. With the use of 3 Marshals it gave us all the opportunity to play as well and enjoy the weekend.

T.O: Phil
Marshals:  Evert and Josh.

Mini-GuardCon results

         Battle        VP        Paint        Sport
1 Phil 26.2 11137 32 1 Best Paint
2 E.j 26.1 8367 18               1
3 Mccrae 26 8242 24 1
4 Richard 22.3 9798 21 1 Best Sport
5 Michael 22.2 9084 31 1
6 Glenn 22.1 8140 13 1
7 Josh 22 7493 18 1
8 Jules 18.1 6817 18 1
9 Tom 18 5367 25 1
10 Reuben 14 4604 24 1
11 Frank 12 3935 10 1
12 Chris E 10.1 3963 10 1
13 Connor H 10 2463 15 1
14 Andrew 8.1 1405 10 1
15 Connor 8 1182 10 1
16 Brian 4.1 1240 19 1
17 Curtis 4 1009 10 1
1st Day
Evert 18 4201
Phil 14 6770
Mccrae 14 5846
2nd Day
Richard 12 5107
Phil 12 4367
Frank 12 3935

Thank you to all the competitor for coming. Without you guys then we just wouldn't hold big tournaments. Hope you all enjoyed it and will tell your friends to pick the hobby up. We have our next tournament on the way and it's in July. Keep you eyes out for MonsterCon 2016.

Monstercon 2016

Here's some of the tournament pics captured over the weekend. So much hammer time out for 9th Age!!!

Betsy rides again into battle!!
 Challenge of mighty heroes.
 It was awesome to see so many mythic creatures sweeping into battle.
 The Goblin horde meets the Dread Elf invasion.
 Daemon engine meets Elven steel.
 Fantasy Battle back in all its hobby glory.

See you at the next Tournament!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

CanOpener 2016 - Boardgames

Board Gaming to benefit charity. Our Clubs annual charity event. Come enjoy your Board games so we can all help to fill the cupboards of the 'Auckland City Mission', as they approach the cold winter months. With the help of our sponsors and in association with the Auckland City Guard Club, we host CanOpener 2016.

When: 23rd of April, 10am to 9pm
Where: Auckland Rose Park Hotel, Parnell.
Entry: $10 at the door.
Please bring a few cans to donate to the Auckland Mission as well.

A.C.G Games events are family friendly. 
The average attendee is 25-45, male and female, 
and some of them even bring their kids!
Children 14 and under can enter for free, 
but must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

There will be ...
A board game library so you can play to your heart’s content!
Feel free to bring along your games that you would like to share too.
FREE prizes and giveaways all through the day!

The Rose Park Hotel is fully licensed and will offer reasonably priced lunch, dinner and refreshments. There is plenty of onsite parking and also off street parking. 
Centrally located for your convenience.

Mny thanks to our Sponsors who made this event possible.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Easter Hunt 2016 : WH40K Kill Teams

Warhammer 40K: Kill Teams: 200pts, 5 rounds of 1hour.
Ranking points will be available from this tournament.

Dust off your team of veteran warriors and come and compete in the arena of Kill Teams. We will have space for 26 competitors competing on 4'x4' boards for the trophy of best 'Kill Team'.

Entry: $15 - Limited spaces so get in quick
($10 if you preregister by the 18th by paying your entry)

Where & When: 10am Easter Monday with your list at the Rose Park Hotel. First game will start immediately after registration no later than 10.30am,

Email: to register.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

WIP Kill Teams

Finally get a chance to post up some of my current WIP's.

Warhammer 40k: Kill teams have really captured my gaming interest at the moment. 200pts is what you require. Its such a fast paced game. With only 200pts to field it's easy to learn and get into the game. I envisage it will be a great vehicle to exploring all the armies of the 40K universe without having to spend years to float an army as my past experience has taught me. Thats bloody exciting if you ask me. It's already got a few new players into the game at my local club ACG in Auckland.

The Raven Guard that I'm using at the moment.
Waiting for some transfers to make them complete.

Second Squad of the Raven's.

Rapid progress on the Imperial Fists that I'm working on.
Picked up a Tac squad and it's a wonder what you can do with a white undercoat. 
Couple of hours of work with a sepia wash and also based.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Juggernaut - WH40K: Kill Teams

Warhammer 40K: Kill Teams (200pts) 5 rounds

Dust off your team of veteran warriors and come and compete in the arena of Kill Teams. We will have space for 24 competitors competing on 4'x4' boards for the trophy of best 'Kill Team'.

Entry: $15 - Limited spaces so get in quick
($10 if you preregister by the 3rd by paying your entry)

Where & When: 9.30am Saturday with your list at the, 
Rose Park Hotel.
There will be prizes and giveaways all through the day.


Composition (From the 2011 Rulebook, no adjustments)

Kill Team Detachment
0-2 Troops
0-1 Elites
0-1 Fast Attack

- At least 4 non vehicle models
- Cannot contain more than 3 wds or hull points
- Cannot contain higher combined armour value of 33
- Cannot contain any 2+ armour saves
- No Flyers

Leader Traits & Specialist abilities will be chosen on the day.

1. Forward Push
2. Alone in the dark
3. Head hunt
4. Infiltrate the camp
5. Secure high ground.

Scoring. W=5, Draw=3, Loss=1
Tie break = Kill Points.

Please get in contact for additional information.
Emails will be sent out to tournament database of players.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

A.C.G. Club day 7th Feb 16.

Holiday weekend being celebrated over here in N.Z. We held club and was pleasantly surprised to get a great turnout for Club Sunday, what with everyone expected to be on holiday away. We had a huge range of games being played and hosted 53 gamers. Wh40k, WHFB, Mordheim, Wh40K kill teams, Board Games, X-wing and more.
WH40k & WH40K Kill teams.
 Brilliant round of Codenames

 Thunderstone advanced

 Above and Below
 Terra Mystica
 Castles of the Mad King Ludwig.
 The Fury of Dracula.
 Imperial Knight takes on the Khorne Mower.
 X-Wing miniatures.

Today's 40k Kill Team scores: Jules 11; Richard 9; Connor, Chris, Jonas 5; Will 3.

Below: The Mechanicum is about to return fire. Guarding objective 2, battle-brother Azrael can only watch as the squad's Rhino is clawed apart by a three-headed beast. Another renegade astartes falls victim to his unstable relic weapon. The mighty Salamanders advance against the savage Flesh Tearers' fire.