Saturday, 22 November 2014

End Times : Elven Alliance

This weekend brings the next peek into the next End times book and it's my favourite. The shaky alliance will tie together the entire three Elven races to fight in the End times. The arsenals of all Elven players just got real!

Malekith finds himself leading the prime of the High Elf and Wood Elf elite into battle.
(My hope is that they are still going to release a whole bunch o new mini's)
Khaines getting into the action and there's gonna be another 
G.R.R.Martin like culling of WHFB Special characters I feel.

Spoilers - We had expected this for a while.

Just when you thought that was huge, here's the new End time spells.

I'll have more before the end of the weekend so keep a watch.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Glotkin and End Times : Warhammer

The Glotkin has arrived in book II of 'The End Times'. I've just got around to having a read and boy o boy it's a brilliant advance on the WHFB IP. It's a time of uncertainty for gamers but let me tell you that it's a great time of change. The game has just gotten way way better. We're looking at holding some large multiplayer games at club to ding dong it out. Plus with Equinox & Natcon in March and April next year up here in Auckland, you guys in the hobby are gonna have a blast.

The New Nurgle range is some amazing sculpts.

Bretonnians are in the book and are still strong in the old world.

Gutrot Spume battles the Forest Gobbo's.

Unusual alliances lend themselves to battle.

From the Glotkin book we're also provided with the rules for Legion of Chaos lists. All those Beaastmen players can come out of the woodwork now And you get to ambush. Looking forward to facing and running a few games with this lethal combination.

with the lists the Reign of Chaos and Eye of the gods tables are also provided.

What are you waiting for. Get some of your own hammer games in.
Glotkin is a great purchase idea. It's fantastic that it's xmas time :)

Friday, 7 November 2014

New Tyranids and Ogre Kingdoms WIP

Some more new Tyranids are up this weekend and here is the sneak peek at them for ya. The bugs get their own droppies and they look pretty rad!

Also some new goodies from Forge world.

Ogre Kingdoms are on my painting table currently. Trying to make it as quick as possible so they are table top ready. I've had a few games with them and they play very nicely if not just a little too one dimensionally vs my favoured High Elf army. My club has recently had a huge influx of High elf armies with new players. This is great but also means I'm going to use different armies to break up the same ol.

 Brilliant sculpt.

This is the WIP on the Ironblaster that was missing its cannon.
I made an appropriate Cannon to replace it :) 
 Not your usual unit in a Ogre army but I really like the look of them.
They are in even though they are not so flash game wise.

Monday, 3 November 2014

BloodBowl and Club day

This Sunday was the ABBF Bloodbowl final held at Auckland City Guard Club between Geoff's Orcs and my Elves. We're both relatively new to the game and it was a funtastic season with 14 coaches playing in a round robin which culminated to the top 8 making the finals. With some really closely fought quarters and semis. Geoff and I were pretty stoked to have made it to the final deciding game with such tough opposition through the elimination stages.

Elves adopt the special grid position maneuver.
Christian the BB guru comments 'I've never seen anyone play like that'.  
I fooled em toooooo, not to mention myself hic...

Howlers (Elf) Vs Baserkerz (Orcs) ABBF 2014 Season Final.

Firstly, before we go to the match report, many thanks to all the ABBF veterans for helping all us new players throughout the league this year. Even without knowing the result when we kicked off, Geoff and I were pretty stoked and humble that we had managed to get to the final.

Pretty sedate weather on finals day. There was a fantastic gathering of ABBF coaches from the league eager in the throng of spectators to see how the final ran (thanks for coming to support and spectate BB folks). The Elves got the ball for the first drive and looked visibly relieved to be receiving in the face of the Massive team of Orcs skilled to kill with tackle, mighty blow and block. The Elves shot fast down right field on turn 1 hoping for that quick touch down. Stretching it so it only left a one dice block that the Orcs could save the play with. Luckily Heloise was on hand to provide the one dice pow luck for the Baserkerz coach. The ball spills and pinballs around the field to be picked up by a Orc blitzer. Not a good sign for the Elf team. Luckily the Elves had danced around the toughen up maypole the night earlier and brought the hurt sending the first of many Orcs to the injury bin. A quick recovery from Richie from the Howlers and it was a turn 6 TD. Oh no, the Orcs get three turns to whittle the fragile Elf numbers down but only manage to send 1 to the bin thanks to the influence of Nuffle.

The second half was going to bring some Elf pain and the Orcs sharpened their spikes for the receive.  Caging up and rolling down field for the drive and preparing to dish out the hurting to the Elves. I don't know what got into the Rampaging tiddly Elf Blitzers to rile them up this day but they put pressure on and killed two Orcs and reduced the Orc team to only 6 players at one point. Orcs were wanting to stall but had to score with 3 turns remaining due to their lack of numbers. With only 8 Players from the Orc team making it back for the Elf drive it was looking pretty handy for the Howlers. A quick stack of the right field from the Elves meant they could out muscle the tired Orcs and with a 7th turn touchdown the Orcs were reduced to ignoring the ball and bashing face on the final turn 8. Elves take the championship 2014!!!

Superb game and opponent. The tide of dice when bashing for the Elves at the end of the season proved the winner on the day. Bring on street bowl!!!

Club day photo's (excuse the poor Phone cam res)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday sneak peak : Ressurection?

We all know that the Glotkin are this week's new release tomorrow. 
Spoilers ahead Wargamer if you've been under a rock and haven't ready the Nagash book 'The End times'.

Would that be the new touted Super Franz clouting some Glotty Rot with the help of his ol'feathered friend?!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ogres WIP & Bloodbowl

The next project on the table is Ogres. The plan is to have it all painted and ready to go by the end of the year. They are such big mini's that it requires less tedious painting, so all things are possible. Here's the recycled Ogres from my old Chaos army. They are destined to be Maneaters with heaps of glorious conversions.

 Still heaps of work to do but coming together with the use of Milliput.

I've picked up milliput in place of Greenstuff to see how it goes.
Found that it's very different to use but still does the job. Playdough in texture and bit delicate initially. Much softer to mould and sculpt and very hydrophilic. Otherwise it gives you the same results at a fraction of the price of Greenstuff. Green stuff still is superior in more sharper detail though.

 Gap that needed fixing.
Results of the mend with Milliput.

Here's my Human team 'The Jaffaheim Chargers' for bloodbowl that I picked up earlier. I've painted them all ready for next years league.
I've reached the Final for this years league and will be facing Geoff's Orcs in a week or so for the spoils. Really enjoying the game and it fits in very well to fill the gap alongside a main wargame like Warhammer Fantasy &/or WH40k.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Release - Maggoth Lords

Here's the new stuff for this weekend. Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen and Daemons will get some pretty awesome reinforcements. Looks pretty sweet and Nurgly. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

ABBF Blood bowl in Auckland & WIP

Got my Quarter final game in last night at the Surrey. Classic call from the girls mate who came to the pub to have a drink. She said 'What?!? you play with little man dolls and you paint them too...???', I've always known that us wargamers are a bit fringe. I didn't know it was that unusual. She got a shock of her life when I arrived at the pub and there were other 30 something professionals also there to play blood bowl. I had to say 'yeah it's a strategic game and it's really intriguing and pulls you in'. Nope that didn't rub either.

Anyways, my last round robin match for the League with my Elves was against Dans Underworld team which promptly smashed my Elves off the pitch leaving only 2 players on my side during one play. I lost 2-1 and hesitantly found out that it was the same team that I had to play for the Quarterfinal knock outs. Dan is a top bloke, but I'm still sore from the last game to play the destroyer of a team of his again. The vagaries of Nuffle and Blood Bowl meant that the Quarter final game was a total turn around at the pub. The Elves racked up 7 cas's (BB talk) to spin the Underworld team off 3 to zip. So unexpected and a top game. Nuffle smiled on the Elves this time around. Semi finals here we come!

Here's the New Human team I just acquired.
Thanks to Dan, Nick and Christian for helping me out with the old Skool mini's.
Specially impressed with the OOP Ogre. 

Optimistically going for this Colour scheme.

WIP of my Ogre army is underway.
Thanks to Michael for the Iron guts.
(too big for blood bowl.)