Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Games Workshop Undead releases.

Once again the new sculpts coming out are insanely detailed and characterful. The details are stunning and they fill in all those key models that needed a refresh. Check out these sneak peeks before this weekends unveil.

Ngash the first Necromancer. Destroyer of Nehekhara.

 Neferata, Queen of Lahmia. 

 Arkhan the black, Liche King.

New Spirit Host model.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

ETC 2014 Won By Team Sweden

Team Sweden takes out the WHFB Teams for 2014. Great show and the 1st time on the podium for them. They swept aside the top teams in the final rounds to win convincingly.

Here's their lists and what a great selection.

Christian Wennberg, Vampire Counts
Vampire Lord: General, Level 4, Lore of Vampires, Aura of Dark Majesty, Quickblood, Heavy armour, Shield,
Ogre Blade, Talisman of Preservation, The Other Tricksters Shard, 489
Vampire: Battle Standard Bearer, Level 2, Death, Obsidian Amulet, Scroll of Shielding, Charmed Shield, 215
Necromancer: Level 2, Lore of Death, Dispel Scroll, 125
2x Tomb Banshee: 2x 95
55 Skeleton Warriors: Light Armour, Shield, FCG, Banner of Swiftness, 320
3x 5 Dire Wolves: Champion, 3x 50
2x 20 Zombies: Musician, 2x 65
2 Fell Bats: 32
8 Crypt Horrors: 304
1 Mortis Engine: 220
1 Terrorgheist: 225
Total: 2400

Johan Lagmo, Dark Elves
Dreadlord on Dark Steed: General, Brace of Rptr Handbows , Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Giant
Blade, Dawn Stone, The Other Tricksters Shard, 287
Supreme Sorceress: Level 4, Lore of Death, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Hotek, 295
Master on Dark Pegasus: Lance, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Cloak of Twilight, 188
Master on Dark Pegasus: Lance, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Battle Standard bearer, Talisman of
Preservation, Charmed Shield, 211
Master on Dark Pegasus: Lance, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Armour of Destiny, 184
5 Dark Riders: Rptr Crossbow, Shields, 100
10 Dark Riders: Rptr Crossbow, Shields, 200
24 Darkshards: FCG, Banner of the Eternal Flame, 328
5 Harpies: 75
4x 1 Reaper Bolt Thrower: 4x 70
2x 5 Doomfire Warlocks: 2x 125
Total: 2398

Sebastian Berg, Deamons of Chaos
Herald of Tzeentch: General, Level 2, Metal, 125
Herald of Tzeentch: Level 2, Metal, 125
4x 10 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch: Musician, Champion, 4x 150
5 Chaos Furies: 60
2x 5 Chaos Furies: Mark of Tzeentch, 2x 70
1 Beasts of Nurgle: 60
2x 3 Beasts of Nurgle: 2x 180
2x 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne: Ambushers, 2x 165
4 Plague Drones of Nurgle: Plague Proboscis, 240
4 Plague Drones of Nurgle: 220
1 Skull Cannon of Khorne: 135
Total: 2395

Marcus Engblom, Orcs and Goblins
Black Ork Warboss: General ,Heavy Armour, Armed to the teeth, Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command,
Dragonhelm, 250
Savage Ork Great Shaman: Level 4, Big Waaagh!, Obsidian Loadstone, Sceptre of Stability, Golden Sigil Sword,
Savage Ork Big Boss: Battle Standard bearer, Great Weapon, Standard of Discipline, 119
Savage Ork Shaman: Level 1 Big Waaagh!, Lucky Shrunken Head, 120
Night Goblin Shaman: Level 1, Little Waaagh!, Dispell Scroll, 75
Goblin Big Boss on Wolf: Light Armour, Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Shrikeing Blade, 69
35 Savage Ork Big Unz: Standard, Musician, Second Choppas, 405
20 Night Goblins: shortbows, 2 Fanatics, 110
20 Night Goblins: shortbows, 2 Fanatics, 110
2x 9 Trolls: 2x 315
2x Doom Diver: 2x 80
2x Rock Lobba: 2x 85
Total: 2498

Erik Aronson, Skaven
Grey seer: general, level4, D3 warpstone tokens, talisman of preservation, power scroll, ironcurse icon, 325
Warlord: heavy armour, shield, the fellblade, 193
Cheiftain: Battle Standard bearer, heavy armour, halberd, banner of eternal flame, 82
Chieftain: heavy armour, halberd, potion of speed, 52
Assassin: 2nd handweapon, throwing stars, potion of strength, weeping blade, 170
Warlock engineer: level1, scroll of shielding, doom rocket, 110
Warlock engineer: level1, dispel scroll, 90
Warlock engineer: obsidian lodestone, 60
46 Storm vermin: FCG, storm banner, 397
59 Slaves: musician, champion, 124
60 Slaves: musician, champion, 126
2x 2 Rat swarms: 2x 50
5 Gutter runners: poisoned attacks, slings, 90
2x Doom wheel: 2x 150
2x Warp lightning cannon: 2x 90
Total: 2399

Anders Gustavsson, High Elves
Prince on Barded Elven Steed: General; Heavy Armour; Shield, Giant Blade, Dragonhelm, Dawn Stone, 271
Archmage on Elven Steed: Level 4, Lore Of Life, Elven Steed, Crown of Command, Dispel Scroll, Golden Crown
of Atrazar, 310
Noble on Barded Elven Steed: Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Battle Standard bearer, Banner of the World
Dragon, 172
Noble on Barded Elven Steed: Dragon Armour, Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone, 145
3x 5 Ellyrian Reavers: 3x 80
16 Silver Helms: FCG, Shields, 398
29 White Lions of Chrace: FCG, Gleaming Pendant, 412
Frostheart Phoenix: 240
3x 1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower: 3x 70
Total army cost: 2398

Dennis Palmkvist, Wood elves
Spellweaver on Elven steed: General, level 4, lore of high magic, Obsidian loadstone, Dispel scroll, 310
Glade captain on elven steed: battle standard bearer, Asrai long bow, light armour, hail of doom arrow,
dragonbane gem, starfire shafts, 149
4x Waystalker: 2nd hand weapon, asrai longbow, 4x 90
13 Gladeguard: musicant, starfire shafts, 218
13 gladeguard: musicant, standard, starfire shafts, gleaming pendant, 233
13 Gladeguard: musicant, 166
11 Wildriders: Standard, standard of disiplin, 333
2x 5 Deepwood scouts: 2x 65
2x 10 Waywatchers: 2x 200
2x 1 Great eagle: 2x 50
Total: 2399

Robert Johansson, Chaos Dwarfs 
Sorcerer-prophet: general, blackshard armour, darkforged weapon, level 4, lore of hashut, earthing rod, obsidian 
talisman, 355 
Daemonsmith sorcerer: blackshard armour, enscorcelled hand weapon, level2, lore of death, dispel scroll, 
charmed shield, 160 
Infernal castellan: blackshard armour, Battle Standard bearer, enchanted shield, 135 
2x 1 Hobgoblin khan on giant wolf: throwing knives, 2x 52 
26 Infernal guard: great weapons, FCG, standard of swiftness, 437 
32 Hobgoblin cutthroats: bows, musician, 164 
Iron daemon war engine: hellbound, 310 
2x Deathshrieker rocket launcher: 2x 100 
Hellcannon: 210 
K'daai destroyer: 325 
Total: 2400 

New Zealand Came in 20th out of the 32 teams. Against top competition the team did very well in the opening rounds but it slid a little as the games came on. I'll be first to say that I am proud of you guys for representing. Well done on putting in the effort and I'm sure I'm amongst many hoping that you will continue representing. Let there be another NZ team competing next year.

The Serbian team must be especially proud. What a fantastic showcase the home team put on. Warhammer is strong and getting stronger.

Friday, 8 August 2014

ETC Serbia 2014 - Largest Warhammer Tournament I've heard of

ETC 2014 has kicked off in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Singles events have been run and won. We wait with anticipation the main event which is the Teams Competition. NZ has entered a team this year. How will they do in the hot waters of competition against the best of the rest of the world. Good luck lads!

Here's some Pic's from the competition site.

Massive venue to house almost a thousand Competitors.
Bogdan of the Serbian team via Auckland gets some practice games in against the NZ team before this weekends Teams event.

WHFB 1st round has been released :-

Czech -Hungary
New zeland-Scotland

Team Australia vs Team England battling out the Warhammer Ashes prior to the tournament proper.

There's not only WHFB at the tournament. WH40k has a big component at the event. Here's some cool stats from the gathered field.

Some more pic's from the tournament site.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Space Wolves Codex and Muderfang out this weekend

 Sneak peek at the new release this weekend and it's the Space Wolf Codex.

Limited edition anyone.

The New Murderfang is pretty brutal!

Forge world also releases the Thanatar Siege-Automata.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hobby Time up here.

Some superbly painted 40K from local gamers. Our hobby scene is getting some very hot talent on the painting front.

David's Mars Pattern Reaver titan

 Pascal and Anthony's armies duel. 

Franciscus battering some poor Ultramarines.

Dont Forget that GuardCon is on the 13th & 14th of September

GuardCon 2014
Contact: wouster7@hotmail.com 
for details and any questions you may have.

Inspiration on the terrain I'll be working on next. They are so cool

Board Game of the week: Lancaster

An oldie but a goodie. Capturing all the flavour of the political intrigue and battles of during Henry the V's unification of England. Lancaster is a worker placement using Knights and Squires. You win via VP's from capturing castles, gaining intrigue, and winning battles pitched in Normandy.

Rating: Very easy to learn and enjoyable. Suitable for the whole family, this makes a very good winter buster. I would go so far as to say that I want a copy after Geoff kindly showed us this game. 3.5 outta 5 stars.

AetherCon : Steampunk ball

AetherCon was held in Ellerslie over the weekend and by all accounts it was dapper and a hoot. 
I missed it but will definitely put it on the calendar in the future.

 Mike of Steam Works fame. Brilliant supporter of the wargaming scene up here.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

On table : Sanctus Reach Stormclaw & Ogres

Manage to pick up a copy of the Stormclaw set. Love the new artwork and the missions look pretty cool. More aimed at players rather than pure beginner level. All the models are standard off the sprue miniature's so no clip together sculpts here and will merge with your existing collection easy as.

The main reason you pick it up is the brand spanking new rules in mini format. I prefer this format even though the 3 book format deals with any inhibitions you may have with hauling a brick. 

 Both main characters you get are the usual clampack plastic sculpts. They are very nicely made too. GW you did some good work here.

On to the progrss of the Fatties. My Chaos Ogres from a while back get merged back into the Ogre Kingdom. For this army I want to field what I like the look of so expect to see Yhetees and Hunters when I get around to it.

See what I mean, I'm gonna take up the rare slot with Monsters. A bad influence from a tournament a few days ago. Talking of which I should get down and actually do a Write up of MonsterCon. Soon I say, Soon.

 Obligatory unit of mournfangs with a difference. Notice the middle one, it's made from a $2 plastic toy. For those rocking out themes, that's my theme.

All I have to do is fight the evil of this recent purchase. The release of the XBOX One means so many awesome games are dirt cheap.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Comic-Con San Diego 2014

Friends of mine are at one of the biggest conventions at San Diego at present. With 130,000+ in attendance each year for the last few years, we're really in a golden age of geeking around the world at present. I read that the 4 day convention is expected to net about $180million in economic impact in the city alone. Not surprising since there are heaps of advance and convention only collectibles on offer. Here's some of the photo's from the sneak peeks of the convention.