Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ultramarines WIP - Terminators

Got a chance to base and then eventually get close to the finish a unit of Terminators. Really like the icons so decided that these guys all should get one. Still going with the theme of old weapons on urban desolation for the bases. I'll be building my entire force and part painting them first so that I will have a table top army. The finishing touches and the detail painting will be done in the late stages (so a long time off yet).

First Terminator squad.

One of the things I am really liking about 40K is the fact that you can personalise everyone of your guys. Having a much smaller number of troops compared to WHFB is a bonus that you can individualise and not create a insurmountable amount of painting. So I was able to bitz bash out my sargent. He's got a old terminator Power fist thats been glued on and ever so slightly green stuff repaired.

Couple of Sargents and Heavy weaps.

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