Wednesday, 30 April 2014

MonsterCon & Upcoming Tournaments

MonsterCon is in its 7th year and it's more massive fun than ever!

When:  19th & 20th July
Where: Onehunga RSA, Auckland.

Join the fun asap as there is only limited space at the venue.

WHFB     3001pts  TO: Paul Dalton.  Players pack is Here.
WH40K   1850pts  TO: Mark Buttle  Players pack is Here.

Up Coming Tournaments.

** CanOpener - 18th May - One Dayer **

Where    - Freemans Bay Community Centre
WHFB   - 1000pts, 5 games.
WH40K - 1000pts, 5 games.

** Nicon 2014 - 31st May & 1st of June - Tauranga **

WHFB, WH40K & Flames of War. Please visit Here.

** Battle over the Brynderwyns - 5th & 6th of July - Whangarei **

WH40K 1850pts - 6 games - Here.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Wood Elf New Sculpts & Auckland Open results

GW are getting better and better with their new releases this year. I think they hit bang on the mark with the new plastics expected this weekend. Here are the long awaited pics for you forest dwellers.

Eternal Guard
 Sisters of the Thorn
 Wild riders

Auckland Open Fantasy Doubles results

1st Paul D & Rowan - Lizardmen & Ogres
2nd Kelly & Erdem - Ogres and High Elves
3rd Frank & Glenn - High Elves & Lizardmen
4th Ron & Phil - Dark Elves & Brettonians

Great outing and a very different and change of pace from a normal tournament. Thanks Derick for running the tournament and to the East Auckland Elites for hosting it. Looking forward to next years with anticipation.
Another good turnout for 40K.
 Lotsa fun was had
 Bret bus and the unkillable Peasants
Richard's Chaos
 Top looking armies at the event
 Daft Punk new video 'Robots!'

Friday, 25 April 2014

Auckland Open this Weekend

Another Tournament weekend up here in Auckland. This time hosted by the East Auckland Elites. It will be all Warhammer this weekend at the Remuera Commerce club. Nova WH40k run by Robert Power & WHFB doubles run by Derick Williams of the Auckland City Guard Club. Both tournaments are pretty chocka. It's going to be a good two days of games.

If you ever want to enjoy some good games and lotsa fun then put this on your Calendar next year.

For this tournament I will be playing in the doubles and teaming up with newcomer Ron. I will be fielding Bretonnians and Ron will be rollicking some Darkies : ) We've been doing a few practice games during club weekends in the lead up and the armies are just what we intended. They are just a bit of fun, inline with the philosophy of don't be that 'Dick'. It's much more relaxing and enjoyable to game. I just don't know how you WAAC players do it without severe hobby wobbles.

Not much Hobby time the last few weeks but I have been working on some stuff and even managed to drag out the Warriors for a few coats.

 Based the Chimera with some poly & plaster.

 Found my Ice Queen, sweet! Chain based.

Simply Scheme and DP base coated.

Not bad for a quick coupla nights.

I also stumbled on some of the Pics from this Years 'Crystal Brush'. Very high level of paint and it would have been monumental!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

More New Wood Elves...

Some better pics I found. You'd kinda expect there'd be a bit of excitement here, hence the name of the blog. Just now to find the time to collect and paint them all.

Classic feuds continued!

Collectors ed for those inclined.

 Standard Treemen?

Special character possibly.

Local games shop Saturday me thinks! I've got a tournament on though...

Wood Elves Nigh

Wood Elves this Saturday here is some teasers.

Access to 8 lores as well as High & Dark Elf magic.
New triple kit to make Treemen.

Here are too Special Characters making the rounds on the net.

I suspect there is going to be a lot of forest dwellers at tournaments soon.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Upcoming Club & Associated Tournaments in Auckland

Auckland Open - 40K Nova & WH Fantasy doubles - Remuera Commerce Club

26& 26th April - Contact: Rob or Derick

Canopener 2014 Charity One dayer - 40K 1000pts 5 Rds, WH Fantasy 1000pts 5rds, Board Gaming and lots more

18th May - $5 for Board gaming, $10 for Wargaming before 20th April 
(spots are filling up fast so pls register to avoid disappointment)

Freemans Bay Community Centre - Contact Phil

Combat Patrol 2014 - WH40K & WH Fantasy 1000pts, 5 round, One Dayer - Freemans Bay community Centre.

Mid June, Details to Come - Contact: TBA

Battle over the Brynderwyns - WH40K 1850pts - Whangarei

5th & 6th of July -

Tin Soldier 2014 'MonsterCon' - WH40K & WH Fantasy - Onehunga RSA

19th & 20th July - Contact: Paul

Dates for GuardCon in September will be announced shortly as Nick our club President has just become a proud parent of his second child. Big Congrats mate! Keep an eye out here we should have it locked down very soon.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

CanOpener 2014 - Wargaming for Charity

Canopener 2014
Wargaming for Charity
18th of May Noon -7pm

Held at Freemans Bay Community Centre

  Warhammer Fantasy     --         Warhammer 40K
        1000pts, 5 Games on the day.                           1000pts, 5 Missions, on the day.

Early registrations, $10 until the 20th of April.

Don’t miss out on a great day of fun, to benefit charity.
register now!

This is the local Clubs annual charity event. So we can all help to fill the cupboards of the Auckland City Mission before the winter months. With association with the Auckland City Guard Club.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Muster & Adepticon 2014 Pics

Day light savings means it's only 10:30. So I managed to take a photo of the Bret muster in full swing. Not to mention I've got a stack of photo's from the massive Adepticon. Thanks to the tournament site for some action pics. Glad to see that our NZ tournaments look very similar but just a tad smaller.

Movement bases beginning to be fixed. Lots more to do but coming together.
Keen to get some Warlord games ancient Germanics to make mounted yeoman. 

Warhammer Fantasy Gaming hall.

Chaos Dwarves
 Those are some pretty sweet Ogres.

 Frosty loving some thunderstomp action.

Wow hall envy.

Insane freehand. 
Blue table painting. Always do a top job.

During Adepticon there is also a major painting competition. For all of those out there that are interested it's the ' Crystal Brush', Miniature painting awards. A great incentive of $10,000 for 1st place guarantees a top field every year. Here's some of the pic's and last years winner.

Just some sneaked peeks of this years entries.