Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Equinox Blood Bowl Cup 2017

The new Blood Bowl stuff is amongst us. Let's run a tournament and get the peeps together. That was the idea and we made it happen with this little tourney in Central Auckland NZ. We're sure to get a few coaches and encourage the guys on the fringes to pick up the game. By the way BB is bloody insanely awesome, you should pick it up if you haven't already ;)

With the help of a few great people up here in Auckland we managed to get the very first Equinox Blood Bowl tournament underway at the 'Rose Park Hotel'. Beautiful onsite accommodation for the event, along with Refreshments and Restaurant. We managed NAF fully endorsing our event, so I'm sure the event will be run every year from now on. Thanks to 'Auckland Rose Park Hotel', 'Vagabond Games', 'Livewire Games', & NAF for making it happen.

The weekend  got a good mix of new players and veterans to Equinox BB, the perfect mix. With a lot of potential new players on the fringes looking in, it can only get bigger and better. I can tell you we had a pretty damn good Gametastic weekend. Thank you to the Auckland Commissioners for hosting a boys drinks night out on Saturday too.

Here are the results: -

NAF # Overall
1 Steve Arthurs 19850 Painted, Most TD 18
2 Geoff Edmonds 20745 14
3 Paul Deacon 443 14
4 Thomas Thirling TBC Softest Team 13
5 Jonathan Wright 20741 Sportsman 11
6 Murray Lee 20015 11
7 George Williams 12877 Hardest Team 7
8 Chris standing TBC 6
9 Wayne Budd TBC 5
10 Corey Buchanan TBC Rookie 3
11 Phil Wu TBC 0
12 Brian Wigsell TBC 0
13 Damien Morley TBC 0
14 Warren Rattenbury TBC 0

Wouldn't be a Tournament without some beautiful bling. 
Along with the official bling we had a lot of loot to give away to the players. 
This included 3 of the New release teams.

 Steve takes home the Trophy with a Eldril inspired list.
George gains the 'Hardest Team award with a massive 20 casualties.

The Hardest team tables the Dark Elves completely. Yes, I mean all the Dark Elf team was either injured or knocked out in this drive!!

 Jono on his way to winning Best Sportsman. This is with a Skaven team even!

Geoff's Norse Team with a whole bunch of unique and collector miniatures.

 Paul had attended the last Bloodbowl world cup. 
There was a impressive 912 Coaches there!!

If you go to the BB World Cup, you also get Personalise boards and other merchandise, wow!!

This was the Saturday evening game to finish off the last round.
It was awesome!! 

Thank you to our Sponsors. Go and support then as they support us the community.