Monday, 24 February 2014

Armoured Archers are the new broken

No OP Seaguard or High Elf Spear for NZTC. Eltharion and the Dragon mage stay home too. All of the above the Internet whingers have said are too broke (or was it they couldn't work it out). Perhaps they will be IT warrioring it about vanilla archers too. Until then it's Armoured Archers all the way.

WIP- Titled 'go figure!?'

Interesting video. What kind of Gamer are you?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

FluffyCon BatReps & Results

FluffyCon this year was reincarnated with Swedish Comp. Richie one of my good mates took it upon himself to T.O and give the community some games over the weekend. So we rounded up City Guard members and associates and hit the tournament running. Here's how my games went.

Russ S - Vampires

Russ Took a Vamp bus of Black knights. He also took a unit of Blood Knights which had been sitting in ol'castle Simister for far too long due to meta. He positioned the Blood Knights on the flank of his main force and I forgot to take advantage of their frenzy. Luckily for me he failed his charge into my flank with the Bloodies which meant I could mop them up with the Silverhelm bus and BSB. With them out of the way unfortunately I had too much fast moving stuff and eventually Russ's Vamp bus had to face multiple rear, flank charges for the game. Top player and good friend, I'm sure Vamps will rise again to terrorise the old world.

19-1 after comp adjustment

Ryan S - Warriors

Great to see Ryan back in the country and always happy to get another game in against the blue Chaos. He ran a Shag-off (haha), Knight bus, Crushers, Warriors and a concession Lvl 2. With all my fast moving stuff the Warriors were always at a disadvantage as I dictated when and where I would charge. My Lion Chariot accounted for the Shag-off (never gets old), and with multiple chariots and magic taking care of the Warriors it was down to Eltharion and multiple chargers against the Warriors General. Eltharion on Stormwing triumphs and Mind Razor helped on the Silver helms too.

19-1 after comp adjustment

Nick L-I - Wood Elves

Meeting Engagement and I thought I had the advantage here. Nick proved to me yet again how good a general he was and started picking my army apart with precise bow fire. I was bleeding points and with a Flank lost to two panic checks and my units running off the table, I needed to regain a large chunk of points to stay in the game. The Wood Elf army had occupied buildings and were shooting behind fences which nullified my own shooting. So a last ditch effort to get some points back I charged his Treeman with Eltharion knowing full well that this offered Nick a Flank charge with his Eternal guard bunker. A flank charge into my Lord in the proceeding turn. That stubborn Treeman wasn't going to break with General and BsB nearby.
To top off the Enternal Guard bus charging in he gets Transformation of Kadon to bring his Carmine Dragon on the board (such a cool mini!). I was down lots of stactic res. Nick challenges with the unit Champ and Eltharion with Stormwing causes the maximum overkill and loses combat, but only by 1. This meant I could support the main fight in the middle and eventually win the grind.

15-5 after comp adjustment

John W - Brettonians

Watch Tower. I didn't think I would have the army to take on the bus drivers. With nothing really capable of opening tin cans apart from combat and risking 5+ wards to ruin the party it was going to be a hard game. I decided to attack the Bret flank and hold the tower for the win. So some aggressive play saw me charging into the Brettonian flank with my Lord turn2... He fluffed or the 5+ wards were too overpowering and the pillow fight that ensued meant the Tower was the only thing that was going to offer a big points haul this round. John cometted the watch tower and we both fluffed heaps of dice. So Bloody, So many Pillow fights, must rem to change dice out.

10-10 (Highe Elves ~150pts up)

Kelly G - Dark Elves

Dawn Attack. Only had 2 games against the New Dark Elves so wasn't really familiar with them. Kelly is a great player and is the only player to table me in a tournament. I was feeling the effects of fatigue being soft and out of practice in actually playing a full tournament. I decided to go full tilt straight ahead and with all my force moving maximum towards the DE line. I found out the hard way how good some of the units are especially the Sisters of slaughter. With their special rules and rerolls to wound even my dual chariot charge including Eltharion into the 12 of them was a losing one. This changed the whole perspective of the game as I saw it turn one. So from a good advantage I was left to pull out all stops and grab strategic points to save this one. Well played my opponent and I learnt heaps and thats why we play Hammer right guys?!! Thats right, so bloody good!

9-11 after comp adjustment (from 11-9 win)

Glen T - Brettonians

Glen Brought a superb army all themed on the movie 'Kingdom of Heaven'. If you haven't seen the movie then you should go out and see it now. He had 3 units of knights, big block of men at arms, Grail reliquary and the usual reroll stuff characters. Glen deployed one unit of knights in the middle and the other two units on one flank. This gave me a opportunity to just ramp his weak flank and divert his main stay. High Elves killed alot of peasants that day and without a BSB his general eventually fled from panic and was run down by an Eagle. Great game against a top bloke. Thanks for still giving me a lift home after bro, you can smash me at club!

18-2 after comp adjustment

FluffyCon 2014 Results

Battle (120)     Sports (30)    Paint (30)     Bonus (20)         Total (200)
1Phil W
2Kelly G
3John W
4Nick M
5Glen T
6Nick L
7Chris E
8James C
9Rich B
10Glen P
11Russ S
12Ryan S
15Noel T

17Jed S


Best Sport - Nick L-I
Best Paint -  Bobby
Best Table - Glen T

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Topping out on Swedish

Two days of 6 games over. Wargaming nirvana, now to put the feet up and have a beer even a bourbon.

Good haul for the weekend. Cheers to Richie the T.O and all 6 of my opponents for a enjoyable tournament.
City guard 1st and 2nd, big ups.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Eltharion Tournament list

Going to my first Swedish comp tournament tomorrow. I am a bit hum hah about the comp but totally keen for some games. So before the missus gets home here's the completed army. Some major rebuild and bare metal monstrous creatures speed painted in just under 1 and a half weeks of casual light painting (1-2 hrs per night). Can't moan about not having enough time as these babies were painted pretty quick smart and with new movement bases. Granted I had about a third of it already painted.

Old Skool Eltharion. Cool model had him brand new. Gotta take him to a tourney.

Oh these guys just need to be run for fun. Exactly what he's about in this event.

 Army all ready for action. The Griffon is my proxy for a Great Eagle.

Sneak peak at the army list below and the Swedish Comp is 16.7.

Eltharion on Stormwing
Dragon Mage
Mounted BsB
2 Tiranoc Chariots
2 Lion Chariots
2 RBTs
Sisters of Averlorn
Great Eagle.

I'll try and post up Photo's of the event and O'course batreps so keep an eye out.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Over Hobby hump

Real life and being exposed to net-listing filth mongers have given me hump months from the Hobby. Back with a vengeance though. Hobby with a no care for such filth means take what you like the look of. A bit of mystery and a care for the mythical makes your list zing.

Enough Talk piccies!

10 assorted bits from the bits box makes a unit of Silverhelms yus!

 New movement bases shamelessly copied from a mate.

Made some new movement bases. They are Bawse!!

I'm digging the new bases.

Hehe the new Dwarfs are about to be released aye!?!

Tournaments always makes for good Hobby motivation.