Saturday, 31 August 2013

New Space Marines drop in!!

Well these are already up on the GW site but omg! They are jaw dropping awesome and I'll have to get me some and even two of some sets. There has been internet usual trashing of the mini's in the rumour pics so I have to put these pics up for longevity. They look bloody frakking awesome!! Wow I'm even surprised at my insta pew pew attraction.

Sternguard Vets

Vanguard Vets

On another note I got sent this recently and must share ... I'm geeking out at the sheer scale.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Warriors of Chaos WIP part a million... & Board Games.

Those Warriors of mine are getting more work in anticipation of a upcoming tournament GuardCon. But as a hobby heroe and taking no notice of internet list filth I've put some work on my Forsaken. I bet I'm the only person in the country with a unit of these : P

I used the old posable warriors as I'm not much of a fan of the one pose current edition plastics. These old models make superb alround mini's for core troops. So not liking the new forsaken models I've used a lot of posessed and spawn parts to get the look I want. More green stuff to go but not bad so far.

Board Game of the Week: Dungeon Petz

Yup it's a whacky as game and highly addictive. Raise your Monster to a bustling brute and sell em off to earn you moolah. There's a whole assortment of different gribblies out there and you decide which one to buy in young raise em big in your cavernous dungeon. Resource and worker placement game with a twist. You need to also be quick on your wits in the bidding war as each monster comes up to get a decent deal. Really love the multiple dimensions this game offers and it already is pulling in a lot of interest world wide. I won't be surprised if it comes in as the game of the year. You should definitely go and try it if you can.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars outta 5.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Local content get into it:


Dave's youtube reports are keeping the geek in me entertained.

Filmed at my local club Auckland City Guard.

Glad I could share.

Boardgame Tuesday

Board Gaming a bit and it was club tonight. As always there was a swarf of new games at the club. I managed to get in games of two of them. Both were pretty damn cool actually and the great thing about the club is I needn't buy them just yet until i get a few more games under my belt.

Board game of the week: Nothing Personal

Kick starter has just been shipped of this game. Italian Mobster themed game concentrating on your gang with the Capo (Captain) at the top and all the crew. An unusal worker placement type game where you direct your influence to earn respect points and money. These varies from the Gansta's that are in play and the positions they occupy. To top it off you can try and move on up or just try and put a cap in your opposition. Very cool game and we all had some Sopranoesque quoting fun.

Rating: Family entertainment 3.5 outta 5 stars. Definitely worth another few games.


If you've played Dominion then this game will be an easy learn for you. All the cards are just replaced with 6 sided dice with varying effects on each side. The added dynamic of having levels that you can roll up makes risk management all the more fun. We played the quicker game and will try the harder longer version next time. Very well presented game and will appeal to the collector in us all. All the different dice!

Rating: 3.5 outta 5

Monday, 12 August 2013

ETC 2013 Results

The European Team Champs have been played and won. Big shout out to the organisers for putting on the big show for our hobby and long shall it continue. Good stuff Kiwi team for being a part of it and showing good competitive hobby spirit.

 Celebrations begin.


 Amongst it.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

WHFB ETC 2013 Novi Sad Serbia

The European team Championships are under way this year in Novi sad, Serbia.

Team NZ for this year:-

Simon Turner - Beastmen
David Meachen - Deamons of Chaos
Michael Stewart - Empire
Mark Audley - Bretonnians
James Humphries - Warriors of Chaos
Mal Patel - Lizardmen
Haig McLisky - Ors & Goblins
Tim Joss - Chaos Dwarves

Team Captain - Chris wilcox

Team NZ in black, Go Boys!

Finding it hard to get a hold of results but here are some of the photos:-

Our local Lizardman supremo amongst the Welsh team. 

Just a few people turned up for this event...

 Team NZ in action

 Friday ETC party

I'll try to dig up some results but they are hard to get so far. Team NZ is fighting to get to the top of the table. The usual teams it seems Poland & Germany are in the running at the top after day one as expected.

Just managed to find the standings after the first day.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Phoenix progress WIP

Chance to start on a base for the Grif'Phoenix. The first few pics for the WIP is Here.

Reposition of the claws on the big bird.

Size comparision with the Frosty.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mini Clearout

Got a few miniatures that I'm wanting to sell or trade out.

2 Daemon Princes OOP metal

Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood OOP metal Complete

17 DE Black Guard  OOP Metal

Ogre Mournfang  unopened Box

Ironblaster  unopened Box

Let me know if you gents are keen for a swap or purchase.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Double the Phoenix - WIP

I don't like wasting parts and the double kits these days are a boon. I had already made a Frostheart Phoenix from the kit and it also contains the incomplete parts to make a Flamespyre. Luckily in the spare bits box I had a unused IOB Griffon body. Mad frankenstein science inpired me to double the Phoneix with only the one kit. Here's how I'm going with hobby recently.

IOB Griffon and wings minus the rider. Included are the extra parts you get in the dual Phoenix kit.

Make a decisive cut through your sparrow.

Flamespyre wings merge with Griffon wings ready for greenstuff.

Green stuff some feather tips and it doesn't merge too badly.

The beginnings of feathers on the big bird. A fair start but a lot to go.

Repositioned legs and it looks good proportions wise.

More to come later. But I'm very excited to have a unique almost finished Flamespyre on the bench.
Started work on my centre piece for my carry tray. After playing in a tournament recently I learnt that 5+ armour might be better than I once thought. Seaguard are dug up and could be a essential part of the current army make up after its below average rating in the 7th ed book.

Got a few Heavy weaps teams recently for a bargain and made a few changes to go in the IG allies.

Also for those of you who are after some local content watch some of the great battle reports and hobby guides from local guy Davethebartender on you tube

Lotsa mucking around but nothing solid decided yet for GuardCon. I've got more High elves and Warriors on the table.