Saturday, 16 February 2013

NZ Team championships - Day 1

Found a much more reliable source of coverage for all you avid wargamers. It's radio Nerdymen and the team travelling to conquer down in the capital this weekend. So instead of much hated twitter the boys on the Nerdymen team is rolling in the results as they come.

Venue just before the action of the day. (Pic courtesy of the Nerdymen)

Team Van Trapp Family comprising of The dominant Dunn's currently in the NZ WHFB scene will be favoured to take the tournament by storm. With their team members current NZ Masters winners and regular tournament champions they are hard to not bracket at the top. Teams competition is a whole different kettle of fish though and ETC experience will be a leveller to even the odds. I'll have to pick the Auckland teams to do well with that hidden advantage amongst their midst. Team Nerdymen will have a decided advantage with their team captain fresh from a expedition to the ETC. The second Auckland team NZhammered will bring hours and hours of netlist and podcast humdrum, so kids does nerding the net and podcasting pay fruitfully, we will see. Without much ado we go into the hard stuff and straight into the results with round 2 just finished.

1st Round Results

NZhammered 60      - Capital crusaders 20
Von Trapp 57          - Over the hill 23
Nerdymen 45           - Omen 35
Shaken N Stirred 43 - Cut the Mustard 37
Grumpy old men 41  - Capital Crushers 39

Round 2

Nerdymen  45     - Shaken not Stirred 35
NZhammered 50 - Von Trapp Family 30 BIG RESULT

more to come soon.

Silver on display.

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