Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Khorne Icon

I finally after many years of looking found the original Khorne Icon that made me first go yes Warriors, jubilation! You can find it in the Hordes of Chaos army book and in it's grey not so recognisable form (not to worry the unit is far from finished) in the photo below. Coming across it just as the new Warriors of Chaos army book is released means fate must be telling me something.

Jackson pollock meets warhammer. That Khorne Icon just is the coolest shite! Unit is about 60% finished paint wise.

More flying choppy Smurfs on the painting table and they have their first coats and transfers. I found that batch painting the base colours got me over the hump that kept these guys bare for so any years. More details and highlights will be added later.

Some old weapons sprues and odd bits made perfect basing material for the Assault marines. It'll be a consistent theme throughout the army I feel.

**Sorry about my camera guys. They actually do look way less washed out in person and on the table.

Board Game of the Week: Evo

An oldie but a classic family game. The Dinosaurs last ditch before the imminent ice age. Easy to learn for 3-5 players and should take about an hour to get a game in. You take your Dinosaur and through evolutionary niches survive or wreck havoc on your neighbouring Dinos for territorial dominance.

Rating. 4 stars of family fun out of 5.

Vegas Dice:

Another quick and fast dice game. Area control with the most dollars at the end champion. Perfect for a filler in between two epic board games.

Rating 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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