Tuesday, 4 December 2012

NZ Masters 2012 pt4 Batreps

We've got a distinguished guest on the blog and current High Elven Masters general Peter Williamson. I know that you are all looking forward to seeing how he handled what has been termed 'that list'.  Here's his first days account of Batreps.

What that list came 2nd? – part 1

Well with all the pre tournament hype, my list had been written off. I had no shot, basically everyone (bar a few) thought it would come last. Even English media thought I would be the kicking ball, (something in the voice of the way he kept stating there are High Elves). Anyways­ I had nothing to lose, everything to gain, the pressure was completely off me.

Game 1 – Daemons of Chaos (Tom)
Tom got to go first and moved up. My first turn was plagued with doing sweet FA. I killed 3 furies total with magic and shooting. Due to this my White Lions are bogged down with Chaff and are till the last turn.
Dragon Princes charge the front of a fiend and crusher, and I bounce hard… was looking to put pressure on the Horrors. Well that went down a treat…
I managed to charge one block blood letters in the flank with spears, a pillow fight ensured, and blood letters refused to fail a leadership test to pop! I lose eventually when a fiend slams in the side. The other block gets charged by a chariot in the flank and spears/lord in the front. Chariot rolls a 1 on impact hits and chariot dies, damn.
We fought for a while and then Papa nurgle finally got around to doing something in game, and slammed into the back of my lord. He rolls 3 hits, I die horribly losing spears and BSB.

Final couple turns see me trying to kill Papa, He survives with 1 wound….Gutting and White Lions killing the herald BSB unit, but when it comes down to finishing the BSB, deciding he is better off alive. Failing to put the remaining wound on him and fleeing and getting run down. Lol…
This game was full of good/bad luck at inappropriate times, meaning my dice were all over the place in this game. Oh well Tom played it well enough to pick up a 16-4.

Game 2 – Warriors of Chaos, (Neil - Pops)
Scary list, but it was Blood and Glory so it meant I could deploy further up than normal. I also got to go first.
Shooting saw me remove 2 of the light unit of cavalry. He moved up and Hell cannons shot, removing 20 odd spears they pass there panic test, and sub sequentially moving to the back of the table.
He left his blood crushers a little too close so the White Lions charged into them killing them outright and overrunning into a Hell Cannon. Feeling the pressure he made a gutsy move to and moved his level 4 into the centre of my army to force a panic test on half my army through Hell Shriek. He unfortunately cast doom and darkness irresistibly thus losing all his dice. Hell Cannon shot off another 20 spearmen meaning I was left with 1 spear and Arch mage, needing a 4 on leadership, needless to say they ran off the board.
The Level 4 ate two bolts to the face! failed a 4+ ward to die. The rest of the game ended with my White Lions taking out the knights, Dragon Princes + BSB killing the other Hell Cannon and foot marauders. People looking at the board thought it looked very close because my army was much depleted however I only lost my Arch mage and its posse. He only had his BSB left cowering behind a forest, which I couldn’t shoot off 20-0

Game 3 – Tomb Kings (Tim)
I made a mistake this game. Not deploying my Arch Mage in the Archers. I picked up 4 dice for flames rolled a double 6, blowing up half a unit of spears and my level 4 dropped down a hole. Arse. This basically allowed his Necro Sphinx to come out and play, to ram in the face of White Lions.
Tim made a small mistake this game in charging my spears with the BSB, with his depleted necro knights ( overrun from an eagle) Allowing my Dragon Princes to charge the Flank of them and pop them in one round. That same Spear unit failed a panic test when Dragon princes fled through them, meaning I lost any chance of sniping his Level 4 off. (Sad Face).
The game was mostly dominated with my Level 4 dropping down a hole, and taking the unit with it (that unit managed to get into his lines too). So I went down 17-3, Tim played it well and apart from losing his knights, he did well to pull out the big win.

Day 2 to come.


  1. First mistake Neil made was not smashing the White Lions with the hell cannon, remove the "combat unit" and take out the banner of sorcery to dilute Peter's magic phase and also pick up 300 easy points.

  2. Good call Chump Hammer :) It's here


    Hope you get in a good read. I'm taking the army to the tournament this weekend. So far comments have been that army is shit,... nah it's shit.
    Always great to take a soft army to tournaments and see the gaggle of vultures keen to tear a 20-0 off of ya :0