Saturday, 29 July 2017

MonsterCon 2017 - 9th Age: Fantasy Battle

MonsterCon 2017

The Annual gathering of Monsters for '9th Age Fantasy Batlle' is here. Bring your Beasts and Monsters to battle for glory on the battlefield. The more Monsters you bring the more bonus victory points you'll gain each round.

We'll be using the latest T9A rules for army design for a 3000pt (or under), Single army list tournament. To encourage you to field your menagerie. Monsters will gain special conditional rules in the Players Pack.

Aug 19th & 20th, at Spellbound Games, Aviemore Dr, Auckland.

Event Page is Here.

Register now to compete at the tournament by email.

*Hosted by Equinox Tournaments in association with the ACG Club.