Sunday, 30 August 2015

ETC 2015 results

A while in the posting but here's the results of the European Team championships for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40k in Prague. A massive global event that attracted some massive numbers of Hobbyists.
Warhammer Fantasy Battle had 38 Teams. 
Well over 250+ Players and support staff.

Warhammer 40k had 28 Teams.
Almost 200 Players and support staff.

The audience included members of the NZ team as the prizes were presented.

Here's the results for ETC WHFB 2015.
Well done to the NZ team for representing all the way over the otherside of the world.
Games against the big powers in the game would have been excellent experience.

Congrates to the winners.

Thanks to the ETC for once again inspiring all of us hobbyists.
Get your game on cos it's fun times!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Whats in da Gaming hood

So much gaming going on, and real life that I haven't posted much recently. I laugh as I've been told some gnat has been spreading the word that I'm getting out of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. From the Horses mouth the game is strong as it every was and we have recently picked up about 7 new players at our local club. So nah gnat you've got it wrong :) Enjoying the variety of systems that are out there and here's some of the stuff I've got on the hobby table.

It's a giant and yes I'm a hobbyist first yo.

The unit of ogres I fired together out of spare bits on the way to 1000pts for our
local WHFB League. currently have 24 playing which busted the 20spaces we initially had space for. Apologies to the guys on the wait list but the club has to cater space for other systems too.
 Sculpted a head for second hand Skragg. Also picked up a Hunter too from a swap meet.
Best way to get into the game if you're new or a vet. So much cheaper than retail.
 Zapped together some random markers for my Bloodbowl.
 Managed to pick up a new faction.
I was lucky enough to pick up Alexia and the risen too. 50pts complete!
 Some spare bits and that meant I could develop more of my minimal sculpting skills.
 Here's the 85% WIP.

Thats a quick friday blog. I'll finish off the ETC blogging with results 
and a few other tidbits. Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, 7 August 2015

ETC (European Team Championships) 2015 Prague

Over this weekend one of the biggest tournaments for wargaming will be happening in Prague. Over 500+ tables and 1000+ Players will be jammed packed into a Aircraft hangar to represent the massive interest in Hobbies around the world. All culminating in the collective tournament which is the ETC. Three systems will be on show all week and they are Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40K and Flames of War. The premier Team events will begin in the next day.

Donnalouise our local intrepid traveller and reporter has kindly offered to send back live feeds. (Many thanks Donnalouise!). Kelly her husband is on the NZ WHFB team. You can find her posts on our club page here. Go Kiwi!

 Massive hall of gamers again in 2015

 Team Kiwi's vs Singapore in a friendly warm up.

First results in on the Singles events (ESC).
Beastmen take out the Warhammer Fantasy Battles event.

Flames of war and Infantry pip the Tanks.