Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Skaven : WIP, more Ogres

 The ratty ones get a look at the new End Times release. I hear many skitters and skutters looking forward to the new book. The New Vermin lord looks like the ticket with many a variation.

Nagash gets a taste of Big Rat!

What ever is ratting around we have the Teclis Solution.

Work in progress in Ogres is coming along pretty well.
Using all the spare Butcher parts you get and I have a Slaughtermaster
Equipped with Glittering Scales.
 I really like this guy and will add some paint to them for a better perspective asap.
 Brilliant X-Wing game finish here.
Vader in Doom Shuttle shoots and duffs at the AWing (both ships are on 1 wound).
Vader raises his hand and Crits the AWing tho oblivion which also Shunders the shuttle.
Result = Draw :)

**Keep an eye here. Tournament information coming soon.**

Thursday, 18 December 2014

X-Wing Academy NZ

Hey Guys and Gals,

We've started a Facebook group to build on the X-Wing community nationally and up here in Auckland. If you are a veteran or just recently interested in the game, please swing by and have a look Here.
Post up your games and share with the community.

We will be holding regular Sunday gaming and will also be running some big tournaments very soon. The very first tournament will be Saturday the 17th of January 2015. Join the site to receive up to the minute details on events and tournaments.

X-Wing Academy NZ
Just type 'X-Wing academy NZ' on facebook to find us.

Latest additions to my 'Red Devils' Squadron.
Cluster missiles here we come!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

X-Wing Wave 5 & OGRE WIP

Wave 5 ships dropped in for X-wing about a couple of weeks ago. Everyone seems to have incorporated them into their Squads. So last night I managed a game against 2 Decimators sporting all the new fandangles. It was a brutal list with 24 hull and 8 shields all up. I really liked how the list played and it wasn't OP at all but a very solid list. Their inability to evade gives you ample opportunity to blat them to oblivion. Now that Dash YT2400 with Leebo is another story altogether (what a top combo).

I will be piloting my Rebels much more this upcoming year so if anyone is keen for my unopened Decimator give me a yell here or via Email.

Managed some more colour on the Ogre army. At this rate I might have a table top ready force just after the new year. Suggestions on what I should have for an overall look for the bases would be helpful and very welcome. At the moment I'm thinking highlight progressive grey and then snow flock.

 Bit of a slight fix to the BSB standard and the difference of  what teeth make.

Monday, 8 December 2014

The End Times : Khaine

What a roller coaster ride this book is. I remember the 'Storm of Chaos' WHFB release when I first started out in the Hobby way in the dark ages. That was pretty cool to introduce me to the rich vein of vivid imagination this hobby is. The End Times is another couple of levels of cool. For all those that are a little shaken with all the recent new releases and the changes it brings, don't worry be happy. You can easily just not use it in your games (so easy to run normal games without end times). If you do want to recreate some of the pinnacle battles in the series of books you can. The new allied lists bring a whole different feel to the game and the magic is just crazy cool.

So here are some of the snippets from the book and it's superb inspiration to get more of my huge stored collection painted and on the table.

Just like the past two books it's a premium printed volume.
Full of a host of established icons in the Warhammer fantasy universe.

What a great work to inspire me to get some legendary huge battles going multiplayer.
There was talk of the Elfpocalypse and this be a fine word to use for this book. 
(I know it was meant to have another meaning)

Without dropping any spoilers, I can say this is well worth it in any collection.
If you didn't manage to get one of the 1st prints of the book there will be a second release in soft cover.
5 out of 5 stars and I don't say this lightly. 
The Storm of Chaos book I used about twice and it was shelved. You won't do that with this book. It will be well worn.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

New Blood Angels

Friday sneak peeks of the up coming Blood Angels release. All of you BA players should be over the moon with all the new stuff. Everyone gets a little of some thing this hobby weekend. Smaug is massive and for a premium model, well worth the price. Us mere mortals will only salivate. 

 Blood Angels are so rich with story. I might have to buy some red paint.

 All these Special Character battles. We've gotta get this done this Sunday.

That special collectors piece.

I have Khaine : The End Times in my hot hands. It is super cool Elf fans!
Soo soo coool! Report laters when I read it over the weekend.

Friday, 5 December 2014

On the Painting table & Club day

Must keep blogging to inspire the painting. Progress has been very slow. Etched out some painting to the Ogres and now have a second unit with a front rank coloured down. The more colour they get the more inspired I get with the hobby. Must finish army before the New year rolls around.

Front rank of the second unit of Ironguts.
Tyrant, Slaughtermaster and Bruiser in the second rank.

Maneaters recylced from my old Chaos Ogres.
Almost happy with them.

So some progress over the last few weeks. I've had too much other stuff on and of course X-Wing has taken a lot of painting time away :)

Club Day Sunday saw a big turnout for our club X-Wing Aces Tourney. 32pt Furballs meant we hosted 14 pilots. With a host of other games being played including WHFB, WH40K, and lots of board Games. We had a total of 43 gamers enjoying a fun relaxed Sunday of hobbies.

If you're a Gamer/Hobbyist and want to get some games in with fellow like minded individuals. Get on down to our club. We welcome everyone and this weekend we are likely to see WHFB, WH40K, X-Wing, Board Gaming, Warmachine and a whole lot more. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

End Times : Khaine is coming

So I stumbled over the upcoming sneak peeks of the Khaine book on the interwebs. Better late than never and thought I'd share. This so far means that you can run two types of allied Elven armies. This makes for some powerful builds and Warhammer Fantasy only gets better.

Tyrion's host.
 Malekith becomes King...

Characters in the end times are just uber! 
Here's but a selection.

 Super Franz joins the action.

Every army book gets a End times spell.

Tyrion what hast thou done....