Sunday, 17 February 2013

NZTC - Day 2

Spent the day organising the next big kahuna tournament so haven't had the time to get the definitive's. Have some of the meat and news for the remaining two rounds that will decide the first ever NZ team championships coming in though. So as the boys played to the wee hours of Saturday to get their 4th round in we have at the end of Day 1 the standings below.

1st NZ Hammered  (Auck)

2nd Von Trapp Family (Welly)

3rd Nerdymen. (Auck).

As I'm decidedly a biased Nerdymen supporter I'll include their results of huge interest, Round 5 up against the Netlists of fellow Auckland Team NZ Hammered.

Nerdyman Rory  Downs 'Skull crusher' Glen    14 - 6

Nerdyman Paul  Downs  'What Lizard' John      14 -6

Nerdyman Tom  Downs  'Net Lister' James       14 - 6

Nerdyman Graeme Ties 'The Gouda' Antony     10 - 10

Spectacular top of the table clash there gents.

Intrepid Julie Andrews plans until the early hours of the morning

So as we approach the final round of the competition. The positions remain relatively close still at the top of the table, who will win it? Results will be up here as soon as they are confirmed by the organisers.

The Big question is will Julie Andrews win another trophy......

Stay tuned avid wargamers and keep a handle on the many NZ blogs soon to be released that will have huge snippets of the individual ups and downs during the tournament.

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