Monday, 16 February 2015

Equinox 2015 is coming mid-March

Equinox is heading in mid March fellow wargamers. If you have the weekend of the 14th &15th free come and grab some superb tournament action. Due to NatCon also in Auckland three weeks after, Equinox this year will only be hosting WHFB, WH40K and X-Wing. Here's some recap pics of last years convention.

 Perpetual trophies - Equinox Twin Cups
Game on in the main hall.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle PP Here

Warhammer 40K PP Here

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

ANZAC diorama - Painting for Peter Jackson.

Sir Peter Jackson will create a exhibition diorama for the centennial commemoration, which will open on ANZAC day. He needs Hobbyists to help to paint the ~4000 miniatures to feature in the display. So I've put my hand up to do some of the volunteer painting. I'm realistic and know that my painting is table top but it should be ample for the grade needed for the display. They have provided easy colour charts and painting guides. If you want to get involved and volunteer too and be a part of history. I suggest you get a hold of the Auckland organiser Frank Ansell. and help out.

The official Blog :-

Very easy painting guides can be found on the official blog.

 Everyone should be able to match their range of paints to the equivalents.
 Here's the first few 54mm tin soldiers.
Good casts and will be all ready to go after removing mould lines..

I'll have more updates as I go. The minis are well made by Perry minatures. Good amount of detail and it should look very cool once in a massive diorama.