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Masters 2012 Batreps: That High Elf Batrep Pt2

Right on cue we have the last instalment of "That High Elf list", phenomena. Thanks to Peter for being so prompt and great that he could take the time to guest on the blog. He's told me that he'll be keen to post his thoughts on the list on Pete Dunn's blog here. in the next couple of days as well so keep an eye out. An High Elf advertising billboard on a Skaven blog, who would've thunk!

What that list came 2nd? – part 2

So I’m sitting roughly in the middle of the field with 27/60 points. Not bad, but not great either!

Game 4 – Empire (Joel)

First couple of turns sees both my chariots taking cannon balls and dying predictably, and in return I kill a cannon and the flying captain and a couple demi-gryphs, also saw a first, Reavers charge through a wood to take out some chaff knights, didn't kill them ran over them but it threw a spanner into his plan.

Joel then Charges my White Lions whilst I had Shield up, This saw a bloody fight ensue, however it was never going to end up well for the knights since the another charge failed to connect with some dragon princes allowing them to slam into the flank on my turn. Reavers were mopping the mages and back field units along with the bolts/magic.

The other (full strength) unit of demi-gryphs, were in between two units of spears, meaning they couldn't advance without exposing a flank to one of them. They finally managed to break out when one unit of spears got distracted. They picked off an eagle and archers, however, died to a ranked unit of spears making a longish charge on the final turn with shield breaking them in combat and running them down. 20-0

Game 5 – Skaven (Locky)

I really don’t like playing Skaven with elves, it’s always asking for trouble. Reavers sacrificed themselves so that a unit of Spears + Lord could take the flank of the Furnace unit, took 4 turns to mow down the plague furnace plus its entourage.

The Abom got within an inch of my dragon princes + BSB on the first turn, seeing this, the BSB and a chariot charged the grey seers unit. Chariot failed so BSB went alone (not good…) and died when some clan rats went into the flank… Grey seer had skitter leaped out. The chariot redeemed itself by charging the new seer unit and sniped him out, with a horse kicking it in chest.

Final turns saw an eagle roosting in watchtower, with the warp lightning cannon staying true to form failing to kill the eagle and then his warlord + bsb decided to try and reclaim the building that they had just left ( Flames of the phoenix hurts so much when in a building). Eagle with only 1 wound remaining (stupid 6 slaves exploding doing 2 wounds in the combat before) and a 5+ ward wasn’t having it, Warlord hit 3 times but failed to wound, BSB fluffed and missed. Guess we will never know if that 5+ ward would have saved the game. Giving me the tower … 17-3

Game 6 – Vampire Counts (Rory)

Well my list actually has a mistake in it. I didn’t take the amulet of light… There wasn’t supposed to be a vampire count army there so I didn’t bother to waste 15 points. This hurt me so badly, I also didn’t roll Flames (which would eat the wraiths), so I was buggered dealing with one unit of Skeletons + Wraiths.

Turn 2 saw my attempt to charge the Knight bus with my lord and white lions on a 7. Promptly failed this meaning a chariot went in by itself. Chariot survived and killed a couple of knights, pinning his knights in place for a turn. However I couldn’t recreate the charge due to the wraith bus.

So on Turn 3 I took my BSB and Lord out of there units + 20 spears into the front of the knight bus. The lord isn’t so bad when it doesn’t have re-rolls, and I did have shield up on the spears and were stubborn along with the BSB due to Anaerion. Killed the champion and we drew combat.

Turn 4 saw that blasted champion come back, because I couldn’t dispel everything (I even burnt my scroll this turn) meaning my lord was stuck fighting that champion once again and him dieing AGAIN. Didn’t matter though, BSB stepped up and attacked the Lord, 3 hits, 3 wounds, 3 failed 5+ armour, 3 failed wards = One dead vampire ** (I lost and lord buggered off, a few inches)

My turn 4 saw my BSB step up again this time killing the other vampire, this BSB is truly god! (Though I don’t think it would of really mattered if I hadn’t of killed this one.) 17-3 to me

** I read somewhere I was going to lose 20-0 if it wasn’t for this happening. This was really not the case at all. I was going down 13-7 or 14-6 (losing a BSB + unit of spears does not equal 20-0). Also even if I didn’t kill the vampire in one round, it wasn’t going to heal back up as it was my turn next, so there was the additional possibility that I would have killed it over 2 rounds. Happening in one round just made it that much more epic.

Anyways that landed me on 81 points, few points short of Tom, who seriously must be congratulated for taking out the field. Well done Tom.

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