Saturday, 1 December 2012

NZ Masters 2012 Live

Straight from the Wellywood stadium we have the Latest on NZ Masters Action. (I'm not actually there but by the power of the internets here's the coverage)

First round

Mike Lizards 18     vs Ant Brets 2
Rory Vampires16   vs Ray Beasts 4
Tim Tomb Kings16 vs Neil Warriors 4
Tom Daemons   16 vs Peter High Elves 4
Joel Empire 15       vs  Locky Skaven 5
Pete Skaven14       vs Sam  O&G 6

Highlights. Brets find out Slaans don't break. Beasts Lvl 4 runs off in Turn 1. Tomb King shooting gallery works on high armour as well, shock. High Elves can lose to Daemons, omg. Chocobo's snack on rats. Old rat keeps on trucking.

Second round

Peter W High Elves 20 V Neil 0 Warriors
Rory Vampires 20       V Mike 0 Lizards
Tim Tomb Kings 14    V Tom 6 Daemons
Joel Empire 16            V Pete 4 Skaven
Sam O&G 16             V Locky 4 Skaven
Ray Beasts 14            V Ant 6 Brets

15 Whitelions enough to chop through 3 BloodCrushers, 5 Knights and a Lvl 4. Yes that Vampire will make your Slaan run. Shooting gallery overcomes Daemon saves as well! Empire does a doozie on the the second Rat army, Chocobooooo's!! Tin Cans having a sorry run, need to look at retirement sooooon ;)

Reports of copious Rats being consumed by Chokoboos in the Wellington region.

Will have the final round of the day up soon so tune back if ya into this kinda stuff...

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