Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dark Angels rumours

I'm not a fan of rumours and am just as content to have the new release stumble on my lap whilst visiting the local hobby store. Currently 40K is really grabbing me so I thought I'd visit the rumour mill to see what's in store for the latest upcoming release which is Dark Angels. Here's what I found floating around the net whilst on hobby exile holidaying for the merry season.

New Vehicles: New variant Landspeeder , the Tempest. New Variant Predator with Plasma. Raven claw air
                       superiority fighter. 

New Characters: Three new characters Belial, Namaan, and Asmodai. All in a new codex and not a WD

Lots of Plasma and new weapons. Dark Angels get a reroll save against gets hot. New special weapons 
                       Dark swords and Dark Claws.

Let's see if these have any merit after GW put gel seals on the pre-release goss wagon. With only a week or so to go before the next big release, I'm actually super excited to see Dark angels and I play High elves, not Dwarves though.

Edit: You ask and you shall receive. More info has come out about the new release, thanks to Faeit 212. You can find it here

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