Sunday, 20 May 2012

More Daemons

Some of the Daemons that a friend painted for me that will be the mainstay unit of the army. I must build a photo box at some stage and get some better lighting, not to mention a some more practised paint skills.

Very happy about how the unit filler turned out with the custom Khorne base.

The unit of Bloodletters below, which has acquired another 3 ranks. I've found that matching the colour scheme and making it look table top quality is within my skill range. Will have to ask what wash was used as it's much brighter and vibriant than my GW equivalents. .

Working on the movement base and found that the resin edges you can buy from base retailers are mint. Will have the pictures up once  its complete


  1. Awesome! Keep going Phil, keep going! Two weeks and counting!

  2. What happens if you run out of rocks?
    Do they survive lava?

  3. Really liking how the Daemons look as an army. Not taking them to NiCon as I'll be resurrecting the High Elves for this. Trying out a completely new build to see how it goes. It'll be match up dependant and hopefully I can match it with some of the new armies out there. ITP armies are gonna smash me. Thanks for the encouragement guys.

  4. @PaW
    5+ ward on Daemon dice for the win bro!