Monday, 24 December 2012

The Year and the Giggles.

It's been a long Hobby year of organising events and helping to run our local Wargaming club. Dealing with a lot of larger than life personalities, it leaves you very little time for your own hobby pursuits. I've managed to get everything done but at the expense of very little table top wargaming time. So brilliant plan, only organise one event next year 'Equinox' in March. Which will be pretty much co-hosted by Nikola of the East Auckland Elites and myself. This should free up some well deserved hobby time so I can get more games rather than having it all go into organising events.

So it's that time for some memorable moments of the year and the giggles.

That High Elf army - Love it when you win some beers backing your type of  army. It's a very similar design of High Elves as I usually play and some will say it's a rather soft army. Ruffled some feathers of a majority of pundits and the army did run over a very good warhammer buddies challenge at the masters (not so good). You should never underestimate a build especially if the general knows what that build can do. The army was there to win 5 games out of the 6. It only won 4 but on it's way it 20-zipped a couple so it proved itself as a good build to take to the Masters setup. It came second so you can't knock that.

Batreps are here and here.

Equinox Convention - I started Equinox a few years back as my way of giving back to the hobby what good times it has given me over the years. The Convention has really taken off and consistently over the last couple of years become one of the largest Warhammer and Wargames tournaments in New Zealand, which is co-hosted by good fella Nikola of the East Ackland Elites. This years tournament had the largest Warhammer Fantasy field and largest tournament attendances in the North Island for some time. The next Equinox convention is in early March 2013  and has already got the making of reaching some large tournament bench marks in numbers for Warhammer 40k & Warhammer Fantasy, three months out from the tournament. I'm very proud to be a part of the Convention and a big thanks to all of the guys who support and attend wargaming events every year. It couldn't of happened without you the Hobbyist.

Equinox 2013 is here and this years Equinox is here.

A New Wargamers Forum - We launched a new forum for the community a couple of months ago. It's mainly aimed at New Zealand wide hobbyists where you can check out Tournaments, goings on around the region and also catch up with a broad range of Wargamers. There's no special system we cater for and all systems are welcome from Warhammer, Warmachine and everything in between. Much like the old City Guard forum but the only slight difference is that it will be part of our club 'Auckland City Guard'. Easy to join up we'd welcome your positive hobby stories. It already is well established and supported by most of our club members and Wagamers New Zealand wide.

Auckland City Guard can be found here

Hobby Giggles - Have been catching some sharp but hilarious reading, hobby related and not at NZ's premium blog. It's run by one of the god fathers of Wargaming and I remember going to one of his events in the very first serious year of tournaments for me. There isn't much he hasn't done or been involved in hobby wise over here. Here's some hilarious excerpts that's kept me entertained this Holiday season on his said blog.

Avert eyes if you're of a sensitive nature.

Phil's Playhammer picture, "I couldn't find a Shaver on holiday". Link here.

Nikola's Playhammer spread, "40k TO's are so sexxxy". Link here.

Charlie - Playhammer profile "It's the pressure of Winning and Authoring". Link here.

Big Merry Xmas and hope you stay tuned in the New year.

Don't forget to Elf yourself for the merry season here.

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