Saturday, 8 December 2012

Black Hawk down...

A memorable Ridley Scott movie for me. It was a favourite of mine and I owned the DVD 24hrs into its release. I enjoyed the movie for what it was a veritable action packed war movie with gritty imagery and lasting impressions. So no surprise that I was after three of these bad boys.

Why just have one when you can have a whole Squadron!

They've had a hard war of it and have been to the body shop a few times. Big thanks to Aaron for providing them and it was a great hobby afternoon to get them together from bog in the cup board for a few years, to some what fixed ready for paint. From repositioning the Typhoon laucher as it was glued into place wrong. Remodelling the gun rails as it had none (things number 101 what you can do with a skellie warriors bow) and sourcing some heavy bolters from  some old terrain bits. It was actually really fun

 The working parts I got needed some TLC.

Felt the need to also base my Bikes. Made some home made specials for them and I think they don't look too bad. Also after a few goes really like the 2nd Company paint scheme and will keep them for the rest of the force except the Land speeders which will be destined to be Dark angels once the new book is out.

Good chance to get in some free hand on the shoulder pads as well. Painting WH40k really does let you personalise your guys a lot more. Even if it's only a white helmet here or a red for a sargent it adds a real personal touch, I like.

Tactical Squad IV Gaimedes, destined for war and a quick bit of flock.

when the world is bringing 30k, 40k is for me.

Wrap up of 'That High Elf list'.

Had a great read of the tactica that Peter W took to the Masters this year with his High elf army. He also answers some of the harsher questions from his critics. A time not long ago cheesy filth players had to answer for their misdemeanour's. Times have changed and  if you don't take filth you have to answer for using a bit of nouse and anticipating your opposition and using unconventional choice in lore. The synergy in out of the square lists I like and applaud. You can find his High Elf writings on a Skaven blog here.

Board Game of the Week: Mystery of the Abbey.

Cluedo like game where you solve a murder at the Abbey. Good dynamic where you have to deduce from a select number of suspects and via elimination proclaim who you think the killer is. Your investigation can be sped up by visiting various locations on the board that provide you with addition bonuses to tip the balance against your opponents. the best part of the game is it's interactive phase where you can ask whoever is in your location a question. Great with a large pot of tean and bikkies.

3 and a 1/2 stars just, out of 5.

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