Saturday, 22 September 2012

Chaos Space Marines

Advance order up for the Chaos Legions. I've always been keen on the fluff and will definitely get the book as it looks very primo. There's a lot of mixed feelings about the models and now that the pictures are up that aren't distorted rumour images I still haven't made my mind up about them yet.

The new format army book is rad!

This Forge Fiend looks amazing.

One Change of weapon and I'm not so sure.

Undecided but if you read some of the fiction Warhammer is based on this is so cool.

I do like but it does remind me of Decepticons. Not a bad thing...


  1. ...I have to say that I haven't read the fiction, but I have made my mind up:
    Love CSM infantry - awesome.
    Hate CSM flyer and Dinos.
    Still, plenty of people who disagree I'm sure!

  2. @Squeek, Gonna have to reserve judgement on the Forge Fiend until I see it at the local shop but am with you on the Dino's with guns concept. I've always been blown away by the Chaos terminators so I hope I won't be disappointed when I see them in the flesh(plastic). I'm guessing we'll be seeing a whole lot of legions in the near future.

  3. Importantly are you prepared to forego groceries to buy a fracking codex?