Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Board Gaming, Games of Thrones 2nd Ed.

Found myself drawn in to some spectacular cinematography and some insanely complex plots and story lines with the Game of Thrones set of episodes last year on the tube. The second season from HBO of George Martins epic novels coming out on April 1st are not to be missed and I'll be tuning in my radar for it's release. Not that it's obvious but I'm fast becoming an avid fan of the whole Westeros world and Fantasy Flight have released the second edition of the Board Game.

We've been playing it on and off for the last couple of months at my local board gaming group and if you're into some good times with your mates I highly recommend picking up a copy. The game encourages table top diplomacy, army management and a very good intrigue at the kings court to tie in very closely to the Books and Tv series. It makes for a fun game and even though most games will take about 3 hrs to play it's well worth the investment.

Really high quality components and visually stunning.


  1. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

  2. Have to say, I really did enjoy playing it. Thanks for talking me into playing, shame we couldn't have played for one more turn so I could have seen how my backstabbing was going to work out....

  3. Any time MK. We'll be no doubt playing it at Tuesday Board games club again. It' all or nothing so if we had time for the next few turns it would have been awesome.

  4. It is a really good game to play. If the normal set up gets stale, be sure to check out Fantasy Flight's Print on Demand service. They have a 6-player variant with new house cards & setup available now, and another one will be available later this year. I don't remember how many players this one will support.

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