Sunday, 16 December 2012

Out and about & New Releases

Holidays have started early this year and I'm already in the Hawkes Bay. For those from Auckland who are a little fuzzy about geography south of the Bombays don't worry I've included a map. This of course means that there will be minimal hobby over the xmas break. In fact with only one piece of luggage on the flight the only thing I have hobby related with me is a laptop. I've been given a contact in Hastings and have been assured there is a club in sunny Hawkes bay, where Nicon will be held next year. Once I get all the family visits out of the way I'll definitely have a look around and I'll post here if I find some thing.  

So that time of the year where everyone is on holiday and making the most of some free time to get in some extra games, I'm a little stranded without an army on hand. That's okay as I've used the time to do some reading around the web. I stumbled on some interesting planned release schedules for GW and one of the more interesting armies due is the High Elf release possibly middle next year.

High elves has always been an elite army fielding small forces on the battlefield and having a tendency to be out numbered often in any engagement. I've played them from 6th edition and they have always seemed a little overpriced for a T3 army with little or no armour save, relying on their speed of attack to even the odds. Even saying that I've always liked their design and Adam Troke definitely got the right feel in terms of design I feel and it has always been one of my favourite WHFB armies. With the introduction of 8th edition and the 'step up' rule there has been a little muddying the waters of the clear cut design of 'the speed of Asuryan'. Hopefully with a new rule set this will be tweaked a little and I'm very interested in seeing what this will be. There's already talks of monstrous cavalry and possibly some more monstrous beasts to add to the menagerie.

Possible releases that interest me next year.

Dark Angels  first quarter
High Elves     second quarter
Eldar             Last half

Just a 3hr drive from Middle Earth (Wellington) is the Twin cities of sunny Hawkes Bay.

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