Tuesday, 4 December 2012

NZ Masters 2012 Pt3 Results

So another year ends with a thrilling finish at the masters. Some top games saw the old powers in WHFB coming back to dominate and one army to confuse them all doing very well. Amongst the field there were three previous Masters winners competing with Ray, Pete and Antony all packing alot of caps and experience against the young guns of the field. Pre-tournament I had already included two of these three stalwarts to podium with only the little favoured Beastmen not making my picks. It was to be proved that Bretonnians just weren't cut to be culinary gouda this edition either. Congrats to Tom for his first Masters title.

Having a talk with day one dominating Vampire general Rory last night about his games the unusual High Elf list is still not rated. It's good reassuring words for all High Elf generals out there that no longer are the Asur over powered like I've been harangued by so many critics over the years they are only deserving of success if played by a competent general. Some thing that is very encouraging to build my interest back in running the army. There's already post tournament spin at the Bad dice pocast and if you visit episode 141 you'll also see that Peter W's High Elves is the talk of the town at the moment. Hopefully we'll have some batreps and a few words from him to follow in the next few days. I think most Elven generals saw what his list was capable of and I'll be enjoying quite a few complimentary beers from wide sources backing his list. He does have to let me know what happened against the Daemons as they are the perfect matchup for High Elves.


Charlie St Clair continues to dominate the 40k scene in NZ reclaiming the Masters title this year. Big ups to Daniel and having looked at his list for masters he really got the meta right for a good solid second place. Who can go past Ivan's french bakery for sheer flyer spam. WE'll see if we can get some batreps from the guys later in the week too.


Running alongside our event was also the Australian Masters. Congrats to Chris and also an Auckland City Guard old boy Simon for taking out 3rd with his first soft score surf. How was the ride Simon and good stuff guys.

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