Monday, 4 March 2013

Equinox 2013 WHFB Lists so far.

With two very cool new Army books released in succession Fantasy players are hoarding up to get on the table top up here in Auckland. We're only letting the new Warriors book to play at Equinox and the Daemon players will be saying a last hoorah in a couple of weeks. Lists were due last night and I haven't looked at them much. It will be a job for later tonight after work and tomorrow night. Once they are done they will be posted on google docs for all contestants before the tournament. I do have a summary of the lists coming so far as we still have a few late lists but here is the Break down.

Warriors of Chaos   7
Ogres   5
O & G  5
Lizardmen 3
Dark Elves 3
Empire 3
Daemons 3
Skaven 3
BRetonnians 2
Beastmen 2
Wood Elves 2
High Elves 2
Chaos Dwarves 2
Tomb King 1
Vampire Counts 1

As to be expected Warriors a popular with their new book. Nothing like the numbers people were thinking were invading from the chaos wastes but thats to be expected with NZ wargaming. Most of our hobbyists like to be loyal and stick to the army they are familiar and have played most of their hobby lives.

Looking forward to the Tournament yet fellow Wargamers, I sure am!

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  1. Only 1 VC? Could that be you Rory?
    look at that

    1. What does it matter what these bottom feeders are taking anyway....:)

  2. Just the better ones.....

  3. Your background picture of the sea battle, who is the painter?