Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hobby Exile

Holidays are great but means that I've been in the hobby wilderness that is the Hawkes bay and there abouts. Managed to get some hobby in finally recently and am in the midst of preparing for the next tournament 'Arch Enemy' the weekend of the 19th Jan. I don't have the players pack but have been told that you need a painted objective so off to do some work.

Being some what of a cheap bastard I went and made myself some Sternguard vets. Studded shoulder pads are a real pain but managed to get it green stuffed. Does anyone actually use these bad boys and whilst i'm at it what are Vanguard vets like??

I've been told they are just a gift kill point but I think they'll be cool!

Here's my objective for Arch enemy outta some bits from the bits box. Ah the hobby is great and Happy New Year fellow hobbyists!!

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