Monday, 6 August 2012

Old Skool Metal.

I've had some good luck picking up some very cool old skool models in white metal recently. Quite happy to have some of those great miniatures that has inspired my imagination and the hobby over the years in the collection. One of the latest acquisitions is Eltharion on Storm wing which I've had for years but as an incomplete model. Thanks Damian C, for hooking a brother up.

 I've now even got a spare to convert to this Eltharion on foot.

Eltharion in mint condition and still sporting the flashing. It's pretty easy to tell that my preference for Hero level miniatures is cast in metal. Games workshop have improved their technology markedly in plastics and the ease of use of plastics and price parity I wonder why they don't stay with the material for troops. The answer is economics but it won't stop this hobbyist picking up more metal collectables.


  1. Too bad you always pay the extra 30 pts for a sun dragon over a griffon :( + 1 T and some armour + Breath Weapon = well worth 30 pts

  2. I don't think I've ever used a griffon in game. You totally right though and I'll be using Eltharion to proxy as an Eaglle noble or BSB. Now to figure out whether to put him on a 40x40 since he's going to be an eagle or a 50x50 which he should be on.