Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Whats on the Hobby table

Not had much time lately to put blogs or forum posts up, but of course you make a little time to get a bit of hobby in anyways. Had some spare bits so started on my project of making another Daemon Prince. It said some where on the internets these things were feking great burgers. Lucky I canny be ass'd with that crap and and did this to improve my skills with green stuff and sculpting. I am pretty happy with how he is turning out and he's prgressed a bit more from these pics. I'll take some more when I get time.

Have had this model for ages and it's all metal, yus! Got him outta the cup board and will actually get him put together.

I went to the DIY shop and came back with this idea. Why didn't I just buy one from you Nick (took so bloody long to make). It looks pretty cool completed though and now holds the most broken pointy stick High Elf 3000pts for up coming Tin Soldier 2013 ever... or maybe not.

 Managed to get out and about and had some massive fun at the Auckland Open. I came back with this little beauty.

When you think you need to go to the games shop for more you discover this in your bits box. Have too many miniatures maybe... Yup just don't tell the misus.

Bloody brilliant score from a bring and buy. A couple of Dark vengeance pew pew figures for these magnificent beauties. Severina and Savora almost makes you wanna play inquisitor and... maybe not.

Oh yeah! Tournament in the weekend and I have a mass of monsters and cavalry to paint. I just seem to be making a Blood Bowl team from scratch from bits for some reason at present. Priorities mixed I thinkst.

Happy Hobbying!

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