Monday, 22 July 2013

Blood Bowl Team Progress

I picked up Blood Bowl recently. After a crash course in the game I dove straight into the league and my first real game was game 1 of the season. Many thanks to Greg for lending me his team (High Elves) and showing me the ropes. Enough to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and went about collecting parts and pieces to make my own team.

The two Blitzers and the Quarterback. WIP but getting there fast and should be ready for round 3.

Full team with additional two Catchers and 6 Linemen. 

Thanks goes out to Glen, Christian, James C, and Isaac for helping out with parts for the conversions. The link for the Blood Bowl League up here in Auckland is Here.

Board Game of the Week: T'zolkin the Mayan Calendar

Worker placement game with a twist and based on Mayan culture. Very clever and impressive design of game and the board. Workers are placed on mechanical wheels that is advance each turn to gain ever increasing better benefits. Points based winning system and you can gain those by rising in the popularity of deities and building beneficial structures/monuments. The only thing I think that can be improved about the game is for it to be more than it's current 4 player limit. I'm sure there will be a expansion soon. the game sold out of it's first printing fast but good to know that it's available to buy again at the shops so get a copy if you're a board game fan like me.

Rating: 5/5 perfect score. It has crystal skulls in the game!

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