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Tin Soldier: Day One Batreps and Photo's

First outing at a tournament for the 8th edition High Elf book. Overall I like the changes the new book ushered in and the direction it takes is genius from GW. They've created a myriad of possible builds from the new  and existing possible lord choices. The dampening down of the ASF rule for Elven great weapons should see some very different subtle changes in Elven army lists and it did with my design. The new book definitely made me do a rethink, along with the different meta offered at Tin Soldier at 3000pts and a chance to fight a gathering of monsters I came up with the list below.

Lord - Moon Dragon - Ogre Blade, Golden Crown of Atrazar, Shield, Lion Cloak, Long Bow
                                    Armour of Destiny
BSB- Barded Elven Steed - Sw Might, Dawn Stone, Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield
Noble- Great Eagle, Swift sense - Starlance, Gt Weapon, Charmed Shield, Heavy Armour, Lion Cloak,                                           Long Bow
Mage- Lvl 2, Dispell Scroll, ring Of Fury

18 Archers
24 Archers
5 Silverhelms
5 Reavers
5 Reavers

9 Dragon Princes-Banner World Dragon 
18 Phoenix Guard- Banner of Eternal Flame

Frost Heart Phoenix
10 Sisters of Averlorn

Quick run through of the list sees that points limitations means its a Moon Dragon instead of the much more resilient T7 Star Dragon (Dragon envy). It's also the first outing of the Banner of the World Dragon with my much preferred placement in a large unit of Dragon Princes (I didn't think many O&G would make it to Mcon and I was right). Backed up with the Frostheart this should be the second hammer in the army. The Noble was always going to be a Mage and Warmachine hunter to offset the danger these would be to a list with large points invested in singular units. Phoenix Guard was chosen not becuase of damage output but their durable ward save and this would count as the army is top heavy with limited bodies.

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” 
― Sun TzuSun-Tzu: The Art of Warfare

So after a rush it and paint it night the tournament was on. Very excited to get back into the tournament scene after a bit of a hiatus. Here's the batreps.

1st round: Dean Webb: Warriors of Chaos

Dean had gone out of his way to fit as many Monsters in his list (5) and the chalice of grow a Daemon Prince to run over my army as fast as he could. With meeting engagement he pushed everything up. Leaving his lord just in the charge arc of the Dragon Princes meant that I could charge to relieve pressure off my left flank and that was the turning point of the game as he lost his Lord. The 10 Sisters put into my list to deal with regen monsters meant he was also down a Chimera 1st turn. Great list from a veteran player and atrocious luck on rolling armour saves meant it was going to be a big win to me.

20-0 win

2nd Round: Rob Sadler: Beastmen

The number of T4 wounds in this army and the multiple threats with two Giants, Rock hard chariots and a Cygor was going to be a hard ask for a small force like mine to deal with. I lost first turn and Rob who has been playing many more years pushed everything up and waited for a mistake. I had kept both the Dragon and the Phoenix central and risked a charge with the Dragon Princes into his Giant to win big or lose big. I was glad that I was getting average dice and luck meant I didn't miss a charge in this game. It still was a hard job inflicting the damage to a T4 army with multiple mages and a Lvl4. Top opponent with an army with lotsa teeth.


3rd Round: Paul Davison: High Elves

Here was the Army that I didn't want to face as it was boasting a Star Dragon and against my Moon Dragon it was good night nurse. Talk about Dragon Envy aye Paul. I did the maths and needed to match off my units to exactly the right units in his to get a chance at taking this one out. Pauls reluctance in throwing his Dragon up against mine probably cost him the advantage and a good solid win. My Eagle hero was MVP flying around the flank to pick up both his mages and both of his warmachines. Without the magic and heavy shooting his army was a bit lack lustre and chasing points meant he charged my Mage bunker. After he had killed the Champion it was inevitable that even a misfired Purple Sun meant the Dragon fell down a hole. Very close game and with his depleted spearmen running right through my ranked troops to regain valuable points its was much closer than it looked. Elven 5+ armour is worth including in a list, who would have thunk. Top game and full of little subtlties learnt and Paul and I will definitely be taking more on High Elf tactics and army design.


End of Day one and leading with 48/60pts. Very happy with how the army was handling and what it could bring to table.

Beer Dragon!

Star Dragon! That's what I want when I grow up?!

The Original Tin soldier.

That's actually a in game shot.

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