Friday, 12 July 2013

Monster Mash!! Tournament This weekend

Can anyone say last minute painting before a tournament. How hard is painting a Phoenix anyways, erp. Wish that coat of paint would dry faster so I can put on the next. Cold weather in auckland isn't helping a bit.

First time that I've tried painting over a white undercoat and using washes. I am really liking the technique and the results. There might be hope for this hic painter or maybe not yet, you judge.

Air Force Elf! Nothing like it to get you back into the hobby with a hiss and a roar. The new High Elf book is a great fun book. Tin Soldier in the weekend is a superb tournament designed to go against meta and encourage Monsters in all their glory. Tournaments of Tin Soldier in the past have encouraged peoples menagerie to come out for a bit of monster mash. Of course there is a small number of waac gamers this year taking filth but they haven't really interpruopted the nature of this event. Good that the majority of contestants have brought out their beasts and oh how awesome they will look on the gaming table.

I haven't played many games with this army due to little hobby time recently. I expect it to do middlingly well as all it's points are tied up in monsters which means you belly flop with little T3 core to soak up damage. Never the less its gonna be a howler of a weekend.

I see that the Chaos wastes have provided a whole smorgasboard to feed 'Betsy' the Dragon. No need to go to the super market to feed the beasts this wkend.

Photo's and Batreps to follow as it comes in.

Appropriate that there is a Monster of a movie on this weekend as well.

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