Monday, 15 July 2013

Tin Soldier 2013 - Results

Another Tinsoldier tournament has gone by and there was a humungous smash of monsters over the weekend. If you haven't experienced it the sheer weight of multiple monsters in attendance made it a spectacular event.

Fantasy results
PlacingNameMonster KillsBattle PointsOverall Points
1Phil Wu1478127
2Ross Hillier Jones768118
3James Brown564114
4Ryan Simister361110
5=Nick Irvine459109
5=Jeff Kent759109
7Paul Davison758108
8=Antony Kitson557107
8=James Cardno657107
8=Richard Barby557107
11John Willenbruch854104
12Stephen Hastings752101
13Glenn Tibbles350100
14=Nick Munn84696
14=Paul Dalton74696
16Rob Sadler44393
17Ray O'Connor64291
18Kyran Henry14090
19=Chris Ellis13989
19=Reid Pittams23989
21Michael King73888
22Russell Simister83787
23Phil Petry23585
24Dean Webb42361

Best Painted: Glen Tibbles
Best Sport: Ryan Simister
Monster Killer: Phil Wu

I managed to come away with some spoils from the weekend after 5 outta 5 smashfest hard games, and it was grand. Thank you to the TO and not only to my opponents but all who came to enjoy a fantastic wargaming event.

The two trophies for 1st Overall and Monster Hunter are stowed away nice and safe in the trophy case. They look mighty fine amongst the other wargaming loot and is a good change from the medals collected over the years. 

Brave Elves riding out to meet the fatty horde first turn. Fast cavlrying it isn't for the feint hearted.

Last round and the hall is all concentration, just the right time to down a pint I reckon.

Smash it and sandwich em!

 Ouch it's a feeding frenzy!!!


  1. Good stuff Phil. Nice to see the fairies doing well with the new book. You think 3k made them shine. Repeat effort for 2.4k?

  2. Thanks Tim. I'll be eyeing up that GuardCon Shield since you're safely out of the country and I don't have to face the top player in the country with Cheezel Doofs. I'll have a run down of choices and what I think worked for me in 3000pts with High Elves in a leter post. Super busy at the mo unfortunately.
    Monstercon tries to make a different type of event and encourage builds to make a fun tournament thats a little unusual. My 3000pt Elves were designed to be super aggressive. Not sure if 2400pts for them would be enough pts to go the same path. Might have to play pansy and stay at range and throw hand bags. Perhaps I should just band wagon and take up twitter instead ;)